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30 Oct 1998 description

ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taleban Islamic movement and its foes have suspended an exchange of prisoners because of wrangling and shooting, a Pakistan-based Afghan news service said on Friday.

Afghan Islamic Press, quoting its own sources, said the exchange between the Taleban and Ahmed Shah Masood, the military commander of the ousted Afghan government, was suspended half way through on Thursday.

The two sides agreed to free 1,000 detainees each under the terms of a week-long truce that came into force on Tuesday.

But AIP said only 106 prisoners …

23 Oct 1998 description

This report includes: A) FR Yugoslavia and region: Kosovo crisis B) Afghanistan C) Guinea Bissau D) Angola E) Central and East Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo/Brazzaville, Rwanda and Uganda.

23 Oct 1998 description

Extract from UN Daily Press Briefing of Office of Spokesman for Secretary-General

21 Oct 1998 description

Talks between the United Nations and Taliban officials on security for humanitarian operations in Afghanistan are being held in a positive atmosphere, according to a spokesman for the Organization.

21 Oct 1998 description

Twenty-six Iranian prisoners released in Kandahar by the Taliban were repatriated on 17 and 18 October. After ICRC delegates had interviewed them in private in order to ascertain that they wished to return to Iran, they were flown to Tehran aboard two aircraft, one made available by the ICRC and the other by the United Nations. The Iranians' release resulted from direct negotiations between United Nations special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and the supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar.

20 Oct 1998 description

ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's anti-Taleban opposition said on Tuesday aid agencies could resume their suspended flights to the capital Kabul on fixed days and times without having to fear rocket attacks.

"There is no problem from our side," Engineer Arif, a spokesman for opposition commander Ahmad Shah Masood, told Reuters. "They can start flying to Kabul at any time.

20 Oct 1998 description

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (Reuters) - Afghan opposition forces have recaptured the strategic northeastern town of Taloqan, the third time it has changed hands in three days, a Pakistan-based Afghan news service reported on Monday.

The Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) said the forces of opposition commander Ahmad Shah Masood retook Taloqan, capital of Takhar province, in a counter-offensive shortly after losing it to the Taleban Islamic militia on Sunday evening.

It quoted Taleban sources in Kandahar, the headquarters of the purist Islamic movement, as confirming the town was now under the control …

19 Oct 1998 description

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL, Oct 19 (Reuters) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has suspended flights to the Afghan capital Kabul after an increase in rocket attacks on the airport, an ICRC spokesman said on Monday.

"We will resume flying back to Kabul when we get assurances from the opposition that there is no danger of rockets landing when we use the airport," Juan Martinez told Reuters a day after a rocket hit the airport a few minutes after an ICRC plane had taken off.

The rocket attacks on the airport, which is also used for Taleban military …

16 Oct 1998 description

This report includes: A) Guinea Bissau B) Angola C) FR Yugoslavia and region: Kosovo crisis D) Afghanistan E) Sudan F) Central and East Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo/Brazzaville, Rwanda and Tanzania.

16 Oct 1998 description

Deeply concern at the continuing fighting in Afghanistan, Security Council members on Friday appealed to all parties to call a ceasefire and begin negotiations leading to a broader-based government in the country.

15 Oct 1998 description

Tensions between Iran and Afghanistan have eased after both sides promised to swap prisoners.

A senior official of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban says the agreement followed four hours of talks, mediated by the United Nations.

The agreement will also see both sides meeting again in Saudi Arabia to normalise relations, which have sharply deteriorated in recent months.

No date has been set for the prisoner exchange.

=A9 1998 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Thu Oct 15 04:45:00 1998 ( AEST )
AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time

14 Oct 1998 description

The Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Lakhdar Brahimi on Wednesday said that there is "a good basis" to start to diffuse the tension between Iran and the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan.

13 Oct 1998 description

By Tahir Ikram

ISLAMABAD, Oct 13 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Islamic Taleban militia made significant advances in the north-east of the country on Tuesday after heavy overnight fighting with opposition forces, a Peshawar-based Afghan source said.

He said the Taleban advanced a few kilometres (miles) in Ghorband valley in Parwan province after heavy fighting with forces loyal to Ahmed Shah Masood, military chief of the ousted Afghan government.

The Taleban forces remain only five km (three miles) from the northern entrance of Salang Pass, a strategic route that links Kabul to the …

12 Oct 1998 description

In view of the dangerous level of tensions between Iran and the Taliban, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has authorized his Special Envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, to pay a one-day visit to Kandahar, Afghanistan on 14 October.

12 Oct 1998 description

A report of the Secretary-General released on Monday says that the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated significantly because of intensified fighting between the United Front and the Taliban following the collapse of talks in June. "The prolonged civil war in Afghanistan, itself a massive humanitarian tragedy, is now threatening to become a regional conflict, and poses a real danger to stability in the region," the Secretary-General warns.

12 Oct 1998 description
report UN General Assembly

A /53/482
General Assembly
12 October 1998

Fifty-third session
Agenda item 106

Promotion and protection of the rights of children

Protection of children affected by armed conflict

Note by the Secretary-General

The Secretary-General has the honour to transmit to the members of the General Assembly, in accordance with Assembly resolution 51/77 of 12 December 1996, the report prepared by Mr. Olara Otunnu, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict.


09 Oct 1998 description

By Raja Asghar

ISLAMABAD, Oct 9 (Reuters) - U.N. peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said overnight he was still optimistic about his efforts to ease tension between Iran and Afghanistan's Taleban despite reports of border clashes.

"I hope that it (the report) is exaggerated by the press...and that it will be contained...