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21 Dec 1998 description

The UN General Assembly has called on the parties in Afghanistan to cease armed hostilities, renounce the use of force and engage in a political dialogue without delay or preconditions.

09 Dec 1998 description

Draft Introduced by Which Assembly Would Stress Responsibility of Afghan Parties for Political Solution to Conflict
Equating the Islamic State of Afghanistan with the Taliban -- a mercenary force trying to implement the expansionist policy of Pakistan -- was a slap in the face of human civilization and the indissoluble right of an independent State, the representative of Afghanistan told the General Assembly this morning as it discussed the situation in Afghanistan.

08 Dec 1998 description

The Security Council on Tuesday backed the sending of civilian monitors to Afghanistan to promote respect for minimum humanitarian standards and deter massive and systematic violations of human rights and humanitarian law.

08 Dec 1998 description

Press Release SC/6608
Resolution 1214(1998), Adopted Unanimously, Also Demands That Taliban Stop Providing Sanctuary for Terrorists

02 Dec 1998 description

The success of the Taliban on the battlefield in Afghanistan could deepen the regionalization of the conflict and reduce the willingness of the parties to negotiate further, according to a new report of the Secretary-General which was released on Wednesday.

23 Oct 1998 description

Extract from UN Daily Press Briefing of Office of Spokesman for Secretary-General

21 Oct 1998 description

Talks between the United Nations and Taliban officials on security for humanitarian operations in Afghanistan are being held in a positive atmosphere, according to a spokesman for the Organization.

16 Oct 1998 description

Deeply concern at the continuing fighting in Afghanistan, Security Council members on Friday appealed to all parties to call a ceasefire and begin negotiations leading to a broader-based government in the country.

14 Oct 1998 description

The Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Lakhdar Brahimi on Wednesday said that there is "a good basis" to start to diffuse the tension between Iran and the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan.

12 Oct 1998 description

In view of the dangerous level of tensions between Iran and the Taliban, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has authorized his Special Envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, to pay a one-day visit to Kandahar, Afghanistan on 14 October.

12 Oct 1998 description

A report of the Secretary-General released on Monday says that the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated significantly because of intensified fighting between the United Front and the Taliban following the collapse of talks in June. "The prolonged civil war in Afghanistan, itself a massive humanitarian tragedy, is now threatening to become a regional conflict, and poses a real danger to stability in the region," the Secretary-General warns.

08 Oct 1998 description

Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed concern on Thursday at reports of border clashes between armed forces of Iran and the Taliban movement in Afghanistan.

16 Sep 1998 description

Representatives of the Taliban on Tuesday gave senior United Nations officials a letter to Secretary-General Kofi Annan requesting United Nations mediation between Iran and the Taliban.

28 Aug 1998 description

The Security Council has demanded that all Afghan factions stop fighting and resume negotiations to create a broad-based and fully representative government which would protect the rights of all the people of Afghanistan and observe the country's international obligations.