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21 Apr 2019 description
report Start Network


The monthly risk briefing provides information on global weather, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund Anticipation process.

19 Apr 2019 description

Islamist groups have been deemed one of the most significant threats to international security in the 21st century, and current conflicts include peak levels of political violence involving Islamist actors (New York Times, 6 July 2018). Islamism can imply a variety of qualities – most commonly, the term implies that the group in question aims to establish a state governed according to Islamic law or principles, or to gain independence for Muslims living under non-Islamic states (Wilson Center, n.d.).

19 Apr 2019 description

Repatriation of Afghan refugees increased by 18% compared to 168 refugees that returned between 31 March and 6 April 2019. Returns of undocumented Afghans also increased, by 7%, compared to 734 individuals that returned in the preceding week.
Some 188 (95%) of the registered Afghan refugee returnees were provided with cash assistance, while 671 (85%) of the undocumented Afghan returnees were provided post-arrival assistance.

19 Apr 2019 description


Protracted Displacement

The KP merged districts (KPMD) have been affected by underdevelopment for long years. Since 2008, over 5 million individuals were displaced from this area due to a volatile security situation and ongoing military operations. Many of the residents were displaced and returned several times.

Return of IDPs to former FATA

18 Apr 2019 description
  • Co-chairs of Immunization Management Group (IMG) announced that the global goal set out in 2013 of 126-OPV using countries to introduce 1 dose of IPV in their immunization programme has been achieved.

18 Apr 2019 description

Executive Summary

  • Extensive U.S. flooding leads to multi-billion-dollar impact in the Missouri & Mississippi River Basins

  • Cyclone Idai leaves nearly 1,100 people dead & causes a humanitarian crisis in Southern Africa

  • Windstorm Eberhard poised to become the costliest event of the 2018/19 season in Europe

8.0 billion Anticipated global cost of flooding events in March 2019 in USD

18 Apr 2019 description

L’Aperçu de la situation humanitaire mondiale (GHO), publié le 4 décembre 2018 annonçait des besoins en financement de 21,9 milliards de dollars pour 21 Plans de réponse humanitaire (HRP) et le Plan régional de réponse pour les réfugiés et les migrants du Venezuela (RMRP). À la fin du mois de février, les besoins s’élevaient à 22,42 milliards de dollars et, au 31mars, le montant demandé avait atteint 25,11 milliards de dollars.

18 Apr 2019 description
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Learning Paper
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Policy Brief

Executive summary

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a financing mechanism under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Established in 2011, it aims to make a significant and ambitious contribution towards internationally agreed goals to combat climate change. The flow of international climate finance to developing countries, particularly via the GCF, is projected to increase significantly as industrialised countries meet their commitments under the UNFCCC.

18 Apr 2019 description
report Rotary

Story Written By: Diana Schoberg, Rotary International

1. There were more cases of wild poliovirus in 2018 than in 2017. Should we be discouraged?

No, not at all. We’ve always expected the number of cases to fluctuate somewhat as we get closer to zero. We’ve gone four straight years with fewer than 100 cases per year. That’s an indicator of great progress. With dedication from governments and Rotarians in areas still affected by polio, we’ll get there.

2. Why is it so difficult to eradicate a disease like polio?

18 Apr 2019 description

Islamabad, 17 April 2019 —Eminent Islamic religious scholars from Afghanistan and Pakistan have reiterated that polio vaccines are not only safe and in compliance with Islamic principles, but also a religious and moral duty incumbent on all parents, in a joint declaration issued at the Afghanistan-Pakistan Eminent Ulama Conference.

17 Apr 2019 description


• People are frequently forced to endure multiple displacements, reducing their coping and recovery capacities.

• 36% of IDPs and returnees are diagnosed with life-threatening noncommunicable diseases.

• Floods have had significant and devastating impacts on the fragile education systems.

• Conflict is consistently depriving Afghan children of an education in situations where their schools are occupied or damaged in fighting.

Displacement in Afghanistan

16 Apr 2019 description

Key trends in Asia last week included the official launch of the Taliban’s annual spring offensive in Afghanistan, election violence in India and Indonesia, as well as ongoing militant violence in several South and Southeast Asian countries.

16 Apr 2019 description


124,968 total returns from Iran and Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019

118,598 total returns from Iran since 01 Jan 2019

6,370 total returns from Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019

18,251 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran

788 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan

5% of returnees from Iran (823 individuals) assisted

85% of returnees from Pakistan (671 individuals) assisted

Return from Iran

16 Apr 2019 description

All travellers crossing the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan are vaccinated against polio, regardless of age

On both sides of the historical 2640-kilometre-long border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, communities maintain close familial ties with each other. The constant year-round cross border movement makes for easy wild poliovirus transmission in the common epidemiological block.

16 Apr 2019 description

This Quarterly Mixed Migration Update (QMMU) covers Southern and Southeast Asia. The core countries of focus for this region are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Depending on the quarterly trends and migration-related updates, more attention may be given to any of the countries over the rest.

16 Apr 2019 description

*288 registered refugees (PoR cardholders) returned to Afghanistan 1 March – 31 March 2019

4,335 Afghan refugee births registered 1 January – 31 March 2019

3,256 have received legal assistance since 1 January 2019

153 schools supported by UNHCR for 56,000 refugee students

13,637 patients treated in 45 health facilities supported by UNHCR

4,199 persons (Afghan refugees and Pakistani nationals) received livelihood assistance

Working with Partners