Updates and improvements: New ReliefWeb home page, search & more

Change is underway at ReliefWeb! We are pleased about the site updates and our new blog that we are rolling out today, and about an array of updates and improvements we have planned for the coming months. In addition to some small design updates, important new features are now live on the site.

More than a year after launching the new version of ReliefWeb, we have plans and team in place to begin making regular updates and improvements to the site based on the feedback we receive from our users every day. I want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the new changes and features of the site that are now available.

Home page

Most of our users use ReliefWeb on a regular basis. Perhaps like yourself, they have their favorite updates filters, countries, or jobs bookmarked or receive them as email notifications or RSS. For new users though, the ReliefWeb experience often starts with our home page. We wanted to make sure it clearly communicates the most significant current headlines and disasters that we are tracking, as well as use it to better tell the story of what tools and services ReliefWeb provides. We are also now including relevant photos from our sister site, IRIN. For our regular readers, we hope that this new home page better highlights current news and events for you.

New home page


The new search tools we have just deployed offer some important benefits. In addition to the new faceted search interface, the full-text search field now offers the opportunity to enter complex Boolean searches and then subscribe to get results for those searches via email or RSS.

Any field name or facet can be used to build a complex search query by putting the “@” symbol in front of the field name or facet, followed by the term you want to search. For instance, the following query would search for reports from either OCHA or AFP that relate to the country of Burundi (but not also to Congo), and that include the word “Somalia” in the report title:

@source OCHA OR AFP @country burundi NOT congo @title somalia

For more details on building complex search queries, click here.

New filters

ReliefWeb Blog

Finally, this blog post is the first on our new blog, which we plan to update on a regular basis starting this week. As I mentioned above, there are many changes that we have planned for ReliefWeb in the coming months, including the launch of our new mobile application, new topic hubs to feature content related by a common topic or theme, and several important new technology announcements that will play important roles in creating the next generation ReliefWeb.

We will be making product announcements on the blog, as well as highlighting important events, stories, or opportunities for our readers. To stay informed of the latest blog posts as they are published, sign up for our new email list — new blog posts will be automatically sent to you as they are published.