Tablet survey results

Andrew Kobylinski

Portable, easy to use and great for email, work, reading, video and social media, tablet devices are fast becoming a humanitarian’s must-have tool. According to our site analytics, approximately 4% of visits to the site are made using tablet devices. We wanted to know more about how our users interact with their tablet devices, so we conducted a survey in August. We also wanted to find out what users may want in a ReliefWeb tablet app in order to stay on top of technology trends and provide humanitarians access to the information they need.

Over 1,500 people completed the survey. We’re thrilled by the responses we received as well as the survey results. So we thought we would share them with you. (If you need a reminder of what the questions, click here)

According to our recent survey, approximately 25% of ReliefWeb users use or own a tablet device

What kind of tablets do users use?

  • 60% of people used Apple iPads, 40% used Android-based devices and approximately 10% of users had other types of devices such as Kindles, Microsoft Surface Tabs and others. (Survey respondents could choose more than one option if they owned more than one tablet, hence why it doesn’t add to 100%).

What did our users say about how they use their tablet?

  • Most people stated that they spend more than one to two hours a day using their tablet.

  • People primarily use their tablet at home or when travelling.

Which news and information apps do users use?

  • Many users indicated that they don’t use news apps and of those who do CNN and Al Jazeera were the most popular.

  • 80% of respondents do not use reading apps however those who do indicated that they do Feedly, Flipboard and Kindle were the most popular.

What do users want in a ReliefWeb app?

  • Offline reading and the ability to save attachments (presumably for offline reading or use) was the most important functionality requested with over 60% of users indicating they would like this feature. The graph below demonstrates the popularity of choices.

The results clearly show that there is keen interest in reading ReliefWeb on tablets. They provide a good base from which to start thinking what the ReliefWeb experience could be like on a tablet.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. If you didn’t get the chance to participate and would like to provide your feedback, leave a comment below. It is your feedback and suggestions that will help us meet the needs of the humanitarian community.

We will keep you informed of developments as well as seek feedback on the design, functionality and features of any new proposal. We’re looking forward to this new challenge!