ReliefWeb subscriptions get a revamp

Miguel Hernandez Rivera
© Pexels/Porapak Apichodilok

Many of you (more than 150,000 subscribers at the last count!) receive various updates from Reliefweb, including OCHA situation reports, disaster updates, jobs, training and other country-specific information. To make your user experience much better, we have revamped our inbox updates to include the following features:

  • Same ‘look and feel’: you can easily identify ReliefWeb emails by their subject line, and you can see a preview of the content in your inbox without opening the email.
  • We have adjusted the dispatch times of our lists:
    • ReliefWeb Headlines - once daily at 1pm GMT.
    • New Disasters - when published.
    • Updates by country - once daily.
    • All Appeals - every Monday.
    • OCHA Situation Reports - when published.
    • All jobs - twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays).
    • All training programs - every Wednesday.
  • We have simplified our listings, removing the least popular and redundant lists in an attempt to make them clearer, including:
    • Notifications for ‘All Situation Reports’: Still interested in getting them? Subscribe to the ‘OCHA Situation Reports’ list.
    • ‘Updates by Disaster’: You may consider subscribing to ‘Updates by Country’ instead.
    • ‘Training by country’: If you subscribe to ‘All Training Programs’, you will receive all training opportunities by country (the same as ‘All jobs’ notifications).

To benefit from tailor-made subscriptions, filter so you only receive the latest humanitarian news and information on the countries of your choice. All content is selected by ReliefWeb editors and comes from reliable sources ... and of course, as with other ReliefWeb services, it is free!

To subscribe to ReliefWeb lists, just click on LOGIN / REGISTER in the header of Reliefweb and Log in with your username and password, or create a new user account by typing your email and clicking on Sign up for ReliefWeb. You can even use your Humanitarian ID account to login if you have one! ... Once you have logged in, click on MY ACCOUNT in the header of ReliefWeb, visit Manage subscriptions and simply check right to the lists that you are interested in. You will receive the next notification in your email!

As a ReliefWeb user, you can also benefit from other features such as the Briefing Kit (download the results of your search in a PDF to take it with you).

If you’re having trouble registering to ReliefWeb or subscribing to our mailing lists, please let us know.