ReliefWeb now on Google Play Newsstand

Miguel Hernandez Rivera

ReliefWeb is pleased to announce that our content is now available on Google Newsstand mobile app and website, Google’s news reader app for Android phones and tablets featuring newspapers, magazines, blogs and other sites.

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ReliefWeb aims to make humanitarian updates readily available in various channels for the widest dissemination to our audience, be it via, mobile apps or on third-party platforms.

We launched the Google Newsstand service in late August 2017 - during September, more than 13,500 users accessed the service. The most-read news covered the earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in the Caribbean, with more than 2,600 users on 18 September alone.

The Google Newsstand application provides our audience with our curated headlines, all news, humanitarian maps and infographics published by ReliefWeb. All the content and the ReliefWeb channel can be bookmarked and saved for later, even in offline mode.

What's more, the application is designed and formatted for optimal reading on Android tablets and phones for the ease of Android users who now comprise 20 percent of our total users and growing.

To keep up-to-date with the news and disasters happening near you or based on your news-reading preferences, download the Google Newsstand application on the Play Store and subscribe to ReliefWeb.

As always, we welcome any comments, suggestions, feedback.

ReliefWeb on Google Newsstand