ReliefWeb now aggregates and curates humanitarian videos

** UPDATE Please note the Videos section is not updated anymore. More about our decommissioned projects here

Video reporting has increasingly become an effective way for humanitarian organizations to communicate the work they undertake. However, with millions of videos online finding quality humanitarian videos can be challenging. So to give you easy access to humanitarian videos, we’re trialling a new ‘Videos’ section at ReliefWeb Labs.

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This ‘beta’ Videos section is being launched with more than 700 videos from over 130 different humanitarian organizations. New videos are being added daily and all are sourced from ReliefWeb’s extensive list of humanitarian content providers.

Videos published in this new section have all been viewed and selected by our editorial team. They are chosen based on their humanitarian relevance and categorized by country and theme. We also provide links to the various humanitarian organizations' Youtube channels, from which the videos are sourced.

Many high-quality videos created by humanitarian organizations tend to get buried in the ever growing number of videos shared on-line and are often hard to discover (100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube alone! The ReliefWeb Videos section aims to provide the opportunity for these videos to be easily discovered by the more than 500,000 humanitarians that visit ReliefWeb on a monthly basis.

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Navigating the new Videos section is easy. Simply choose one of the channel options in the right side navigation panel to find a video topic you’re interested in. The videos will stream directly from YouTube and play on ReliefWeb.

ReliefWeb humanitarian ‘Videos’ is just one of the many new and exciting features that we will be developing in 2015. If you have any feedback or suggestions on the type of videos we should include, or what you believe would make this section easier to use, feel free to contact us at

Check out the new ReliefWeb Labs Video section