ReliefWeb mobile usage soars at half-way stage

The most significant “take-away” from this year’s January to June analytics comparison over the same period in 2016 is the rise in mobile use - up by a staggering 37.46 percent. Last year, ReliefWeb introduced five mobile apps - for Crises, Headlines, Jobs, Training and Videos - and they are having a significant effect on how users are tapping into the website via mobile phones as a whole. The total number of app downloads has reached 24,400, with the highest number in the United States, followed by the UK, China, France and Kenya.

Kenya was also the country with the highest number of page views at just over five million, an increase of about 12 percent. Whereas last year the top user countries after Kenya were the US, UK, France, Uganda, Japan, Ethiopia, Italy, South Sudan and Somalia, this time the order was startlingly different, reflecting the crises around Syria, South Sudan, and the Horn of Africa drought. Total page views in the US and the UK were down to 3,358,302 (from 3,863,101) and 2,017,951 (from 2,175,680), while Uganda was up to 1,592,642, followed by Turkey (1,294,749), France (1,012,869), Switzerland (889,931), Somalia (874,397), South Sudan (839,435), Canada (798,539) and Ethiopia (718,516), whose drop from seventh place in 2016 is possibly a result of restricted internet usage.

The Global Peace Index 2016 was this time the second most-read article, superseded by South Sudan: Humanitarian coordinator condemns killing of six aid workers in March. Other highlights were Philippines - Mindanao: Effects of Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in Surigao City, Surigao del Norte (15 February 2017), Horn of Africa: A Call for Action, February 2017, 2016 South Sudan Humanitarian Needs Overview, and Somalia: Operational Plan for famine prevention (Jan-Jun 2017).

The top three most frequented disaster pages reflected the ongoing Horn of Africa drought, followed by Sri Lanka floods and landslides, Philippines Floods, the Sahel crisis and South Sudan Food Insecurity. Similarly for the most viewed country landing pages - South Sudan (55,889 page views), Somalia (46,956), Syria (32, 567), Kenya (31,651), Iraq (24,634), Yemen (22,260), Nigeria (15,680), DRC (14,763), Uganda (13,681) and Ethiopia (12,306).

This year ReliefWeb has been busy creating Topics pages to bring greater cohesion to a particular disaster or event that needs highlighting, and blogging about it. Some of the new pages include Fighting famine in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, which was the most popular blog, When famine stalks the land, followed by ReliefWeb Topics page tracks Bay of Bengal displacement, migration.

The significant spike in March page views captured in the graphic below can be attributed to heightened interest in South Sudan after famine was declared in some parts of the country in late February: almost 11,000 page views, followed by 9,086 for Somalia. The drought disaster pages for Horn of Africa countries also garnered the most interest in March, with 7,346 page views for the Somalia drought disaster, 3,519 for Kenya’s and 3,197 for Ethiopia’s.

So, thanks to all our partners and end-users for contributing to our ongoing growth and do let us know your thoughts, ideas, feedback. Graphic by Birat Lekhak

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