ReliefWeb launches regional COVID-19 Topics pages

Madeleine Wackernagel

On 7 May 2020, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs launched a revised COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan to include another nine vulnerable countries - Benin, Djibouti, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe - and calling for US$6.7 billion. So far it has raised almost $1 billion. The original GHRP, released on 25 March 2020, covered 54 countries and sought to raise $2 billion.

According to OCHA: "COVID-19 has now reached every country, with nearly 3,596,000 confirmed cases and over 247,650 deaths worldwide. The peak of the disease in the world’s poorest countries is not expected until some point over the next three to six months. However, there is already evidence of incomes plummeting and jobs disappearing, food supplies falling and prices soaring, and children missing vaccinations and meals."

Since ReliefWeb launched the global COVID-19 Topic page - a one-stop-shop for all the appeals, analysis, situation reports, manuals and guidelines, maps and infographics, as well as news and press releases, pertaining to the pandemic - it has proved an asset to our users, with more than 28,000 page views since the launch in early April.

But as the pandemic spreads around the globe, the sheer scale of information is becoming overwhelming, and in response, we have decided to apply still more filters, this time according to regions as defined by the UN Statistics Division. In addition to relevant appeals, analysis, news, maps and infographics, the new pages will be embedded with regional WHO/PAHO dashboards. The Global COVID-19 page will nevertheless feature all pandemic-related information, but not filtered by region.

Our priority at OCHA is coverage of countries in crisis, so we have also added separate links to COVID-19-related information on individual country pages. These will be updated as and when OCHA offices release flash updates or humanitarian response plans.

We hope the new regional pages listed below will greatly assist you in finding all the relevant and up-to-date information you need, and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions so please do contact us.

COVID-19 Latin America and the Caribbean

COVID-19 Oceania

COVID-19 Northern Africa

COVID-19 Central, Eastern, South-eastern & Southern Asia

COVID-19 Sub-Saharan Africa

COVID-19 Europe