ReliefWeb Labs Launches Humanitarian Data Exchange

In October 2013, ReliefWeb and OCHA ran a survey to understand the data needs and perceptions of the humanitarian community. Almost 3,500 people responded, with the majority based in Africa and working for an NGO.

The survey found that ReliefWeb users regularly do analysis with humanitarian data, but the data is hard to find, difficult to compare and not always trustworthy or timely.

To address these challenges, ReliefWeb Labs is launching Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX). The HDX project aims to make humanitarian data easy to find and use for analysis, making it easier for information actors to carry out their work.

The main deliverable will be a new humanitarian data platform, aligned with ReliefWeb and other field sites. The platform will have two components: a data-set repository and a managed database of high-value data to compare across countries and crises. Three countries—Colombia, Kenya and Yemen—will take part in the field pilots.

The HDX project is working towards a future where humanitarian data is available in real time, on any device and from any location, so that Governments, aid agencies and affected people can all work from a common operating picture. HDX design values—co-created, user centred, interoperable, simple and sustainable—will help make this scenario a reality.

Throughout 2014, the HDX team will release early versions of the platform for feedback. ReliefWeb encourages you to find out more and join the conversation by visiting