ReliefWeb Jobs section: Temporary suspension of new organization registration

Natalia Miller

If you have been trying to submit a job ad on ReliefWeb lately, you may have seen a new pop-up message asking if your organization is already one of our existing sources.

If you have published jobs with us in the past, it means your organization has been registered with the ReliefWeb Jobs section as a verified source. You are able to proceed as usual and we will review and publish your job ad within two-to-three business days.

However, should your organization be new to us, you will not find it on the "Organization" list in the "Job creation" form. As a matter of rule, we conduct mandatory verification before accepting any new source. Due to the exceptionally high volume of job advertisements we are experiencing, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to handle new source verifications.

As a result, if you submit an ad as a new organization and click "I can NOT find my organization in the list above," your job posting will not be reviewed and published at this time. Attempts to submit your advertisement under an existing organization's name that is not yours will result in further delays and very likely refusal on our part, so we kindly encourage you not to do so.

Please keep checking the jobs submission form page and/or this blog page for further updates. Once we have the team capacity to verify new sources again, the warning message will be removed from the Jobs page.

We hope to be able to work with you very soon and we apologize for the inconvenience.

ReliefWeb Jobs team