ReliefWeb Developing Four Mobile Apps

Birat Lekhak

RW Apps

Mobile visitors to ReliefWeb have increased significantly in the last few years. In 2015, mobile visitors to our site increased by an overwhelming 71%, of which over 90% were new visitors. The biggest increase in mobile users came from countries such as Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey and Uganda

To meet this growing demand and make information more accessible on the go and in the field locations, ReliefWeb is currently developing a mobile strategy. The first step involves developing four mobile app prototypes to be launched on iOS and Android later this year: RW Jobs, RW Videos, RW Headlines, and RW Crisis.

RW Jobs - Find your ideal humanitarian job on-the-go. Save your favorite job openings and get notified on the latest jobs based on your search criteria.

RW Videos - Watch the latest humanitarian videos. From online training to video reporting from responders on the ground, ReliefWeb editors select videos from over 300 trusted sources .

RW Headlines - Stay up-to-date with the latest headlines and disasters from around the world. Personalize content by country, topic, organization, and keyword. Get notified whenever a disaster strikes or a new report is published.

RW Crises - Access overviews of disasters on the world’s most pressing humanitarian crises. Get the latest maps, infographics, and situation reports as well as key figures such as the number of affected population and funding status.

ReliefWeb marks its 20th year in operation at the end of this year and this is our first attempt in building RW mobile apps. By building mobile apps that resonate with your mobile needs, we want to demonstrate our continued commitment to offer products and services centered around user needs.

For the first iteration, the apps will be compatible with Android Kitkat (4.4) and iOS 9 and above.

We are looking for testers to let us know what they think, report bugs, and suggest improvements for the next iteration. If interested, please sign up for the testing list here. Your cooperation and feedback is much appreciated.

Visit our apps page to get a sneak preview of our upcoming apps!