ReliefWeb in 2015: Usage increases by 20% from the previous year, Africa now the biggest user base

Satoko Nakagawa

In 2015, ReliefWeb topped our own record again for the number of site visits and reports and maps published. 2015 saw 14.5 million sessions, a 20% increase from the previous year, by 5.7 million users, almost 16% increase in the same period.

ReliefWeb added 61,287 reports and maps (+11.66% from 2014), 10% of which were on the Syria crisis (more than 5,500 content). We highlighted almost 1,900 reports as headlines. In 19 years of operating, ReliefWeb had archived more than 653,000 pieces of humanitarian content as at the end of 2015.

Our disaster coverage also increased in 2015 to 88 disasters, a 14% increase from the previous year. One of the most devastating in the year, the Nepal earthquake, triggered a record daily usage, with 81,911 sessions on 2 May 2015, one week after the earthquake. Overall, usage from Nepal increased by 152% during the year.

As with the reports and maps, the volume of new listings grew for jobs (29,746 new listings at +10.63% from 2014), and training (3,769 at +19.55%).

ReliefWeb Highlights 2015
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We also introduced a new content service for humanitarian videos that our editorial team selects from our information partners. The aim is to give users access to these videos organized by country, disaster, topic and organization in a user-friendly environment. The entire collection is accessible at ReliefWeb Videos Section, and pre-filtered collection is offered in individual country/disaster/topic/organization pages.


2016 marks the 20th year of ReliefWeb’s service. We are planning to roll out more useful features and services so that you can access comprehensive humanitarian information more easily and readily wherever you may be. Keep watching this space. As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback on how we can improve our service.