Reach the wider humanitarian community through ReliefWeb’s homepage

Viola Voss

By the end of November ReliefWeb had reached 11,000,000 visits for 2013. This is a new record and it looks like we are well on our way to making 12,000,000 for the year. That is approximately 1 million per month. We’re really pleased that the humanitarian community is visiting ReliefWeb and utilising the features and services on offer. At the end of December we’ll publish a full rundown of site statistics and what 2014 holds for ReliefWeb.

Our homepage is one of the most visited pages on ReliefWeb. At least 25% of all site visitors stop by as it is a fantastic location to find the latest headlines, major humanitarian announcements and links to ReliefWeb’s features and content.

Recently you may have noticed some small changes to the ReliefWeb home page. We’ve redesigned the column on the right side. Whilst it is easy for us to publish reports, maps and other humanitarian information on the existing page, we wanted to create a space that allows us to promote humanitarian community announcements such as new initiatives and events and highlight major reports and online features.

For example, recently IRIN ran a survey to help them design and determine the sustainability of future services. By placing an announcement on the ReliefWeb homepage IRIN reached the wider humanitarian community.

ODI has been running a series of public events focusing on humanitarian issues at their offices in London UK. Whilst most people may not be able to make it there in person, these events were streamed live or covered on Twitter chats. To help let the global humanitarian community know about these events, we published the following announcements in our new space on the home page.

These are just some examples of the types of humanitarian community announcements that we plan to publish on ReliefWeb’s homepage. If you’re part of a humanitarian organisation and have a new online feature (such as WFP’s world hunger map), public event or major report that is relevant to the global humanitarian community and would like to have it featured on the ReliefWeb homepage contact us. We will assess your proposal to see if it meets our editorial guidelines and work with you to help you reach a wider audience.