Now open: ReliefWeb Labs

Shuichi Odaka

ReliefWeb Labs

If you’ve been visiting ReliefWeb for a while, you probably know ReliefWeb as a go-to place for humanitarian updates and jobs. A website like ours takes a good deal of effort just to keep it running, so we tend to focus on doing a few things well rather than spreading ourselves too thinly. But we don’t live under a rock either, and as the world around us changes, we constantly ask ourselves where ReliefWeb should go next. The shift to mobile computing, visualization and big data are some of the developments we are watching very closely.

Today, we are opening ReliefWeb Labs, a place where we explore new and emerging opportunities to improve information delivery to humanitarians. Here we float new ideas, get your feedback, prototype rapidly, and hopefully grow ideas into useful products. Of course, we might have bad ideas, you might not like them at all, they might be really difficult and we might end up abandoning them. That’s OK, because the whole point of Labs is to test new ideas, allow them to fail (and fail fast), and move on.

We have four exciting projects in the Labs right now, and they are:

  • ReliefWeb Mobile
  • Interactive Maps
  • ReliefWeb APIs
  • Data Integration

Head right over to Labs to find out more about these projects. We’ll be posting more about each of them as they are developed. If you are intrigued, please come and talk to us on the Feedback Forum or email us at You can also sign up to the Labs mailing list for infrequent updates on news on Labs projects. Stay tuned!