Looking for thematic expertise in the humanitarian "World"?

Long-time users of ReliefWeb might remember the separate Policy and Issues section on our old (that is pre-2011) website that focused on global analytical reports, evaluations, lessons learned, manuals, guidelines, etc. Our current site has fully integrated these types of documents, so that country-specific information of this kind doesn’t get overlooked. We explained this move on our feedback and support forum, but now we’re realizing that our focus on countries does make it harder to find general information on humanitarian issues and themes. That is why we’re currently working on a new thematic section for ReliefWeb. Here is a very early draft of what it might look like:

Theme page

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this section work for you, please let us know at the feedback forum or contact us.

In the meantime, use the following method to find this kind of information: Under the primary country filter on the Updates page select "World" - this is how our team tags documents that we consider of value from a general humanitarian perspective, without a focus on any specific country. For example, if you wanted to see the latest humanitarian analysis on food and nutrition issues you would select the following filters:

Selected filters

If you are interested in both global analysis and a specific country, use the country filter to add the country of your choice. With our new filters, you can select several choices from each category. For example, adding evaluations and lessons learned as well as analysis to the filter; you can also select more than one country.

Once you have configured the filters to your needs, you can then copy the page URL to a bookmark or subscribe to an RSS feed to keep up-to-date with new reports as they are posted on ReliefWeb.