Looking for jobs/training by country or region is now easier!

Andrew Kobylinski

Have you wanted to search ReliefWeb's jobs and training sections by region? Or look for jobs and training in only a few select countries? Well our latest improvement to the search filters now allows you to do this.

We’ve created new country and region filters that are designed to help you find jobs and training in specific locations. Using these filters will make your search faster and easier, providing more accurate results.

For example, say you’re looking for a WASH Specialist role in either Mali or South Sudan. You can now filter the search to display only the countries you select. Lets say you are also open to working in countries nearby, then you would apply the region filter. In this case you would choose Western Africa and/or Eastern Africa. The result will display jobs from all the countries listed in these regions. The same process would apply when searching for courses in the training section.

Located in the existing filters column on the right hand side of the jobs and training pages, under the heading “Filter by country or region”, this upgrade is part of our continuing efforts to make ReliefWeb more informative and user friendly.

Whilst the country filter existed before, its functionality was limited to filtering one country or jobs that were based in two countries (as opposed to displaying jobs from two countries). The region filter is a brand new feature.

To check which countries are listed in what regions click here.

Your comments and suggestions help us to plan and design new features to meet your information needs. If you would like to contribute or have a suggestion to improve the usability of ReliefWeb, start a new thread in our feedback forum or leave a comment below.