Improved Training section makes it easier to find the opportunities you are looking for


  • We’ve improved our search filters to make finding training opportunities easier.

  • New tabs allow you to discover free and online courses in one click.

  • Revised scope means you’ll find courses that are more relevant to your career.

ReliefWeb is the humanitarian community’s go-to site for training opportunities, and now we’ve made it even easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. With our latest updates to the Training section, ReliefWeb is able to more effectively facilitate learning and development in the humanitarian world.

The popularity of free and online courses continues to grow. Based on this, and on your search habits, we have made it possible for users to find free or online opportunities with just one click. Above the list of search results in the training section, you will now find several tabs which allow you to narrow down the listings you see to show only free programs, or only online opportunities. You can refresh your search easily as well - just click the “All Training” tab, and the filters will be cleared.

We have renamed some of the filters to make it clearer, and to ensure that finding the training opportunity you are looking for is simple. “Type” has been renamed “Category”, and that filter list has been modified - “Call for Papers” is now separate from “Conference”, so your search can be more precise. “Training Category” is now “Professional Function”, making it clearer that this is where you can narrow down your search to a specific professional sector in the humanitarian workplace. These changes also make it more straightforward for trainers to put accurate tags on their advertisements to ensure humanitarians can find their listing.

In addition, we have decluttered the Training page by showing only the most popular filters in the sidebar. You still have easy access to all the other filters, simply by clicking on “Show More Filters”, but all the tools you need for a quick and efficient search are right there when you arrive at the page.

Some filters have been renamed to make searching easier

If you have an account with us, you can add training opportunities that you find to your list of Favorites so you can easily refer back to them. When logged in, simply click the star icon on an advertisement, and it will be added to the list of favorites in the My Account section.

We have also revised the scope and guidelines of the Training section, making it clear that all the advertisements we host should be for courses specifically catering for humanitarians and development professionals. This way, we can ensure that the content is high quality and relevant to humanitarians looking to acquire or extend their professional knowledge.

With these latest updates to the Training section, it is easier than ever for you to find the training opportunity you are looking for and gain new skills and knowledge. Start searching today at, or contact us at if you have any questions.