How your job postings can better attract the right candidates

Kathryn Lee

ReliefWeb's immensely popular Jobs section makes it an ideal platform for your job advertisements targeting humanitarian professionals. With over 1,500 organizations posting roughly 35,000 job announcements in the last 12 months with more than 40,000 visits a day, you'll want to make sure that your job postings are seen by the right people. To help you better target your advertisements, we have been continuously improving the jobs form. So here are some useful tips on how you can increase the searchability of your job postings to attract the best candidates.

Title - Title should be short, clear, and concise. The title is what grabs job seekers’ attention and makes them want to find out more about the job. We also encourage using certain keywords which may include essential skills and targeted audience - e.g. Finance Officer, Fluent in French, DRC National.

Closing Date - Double check the closing date and make sure it consistently matches the deadline on the job description or link to your job site, if provided. You can automatically remove an ad at any time by simply selecting the “Close Job” button.

Job Location - It’s very important that you select the country where the position is based as most users filter their jobs search by duty station. If the position is home-based/remote, you can select “Unspecified”. This option also applies to field deployments (roster/roving) and when a duty station has not yet been determined. The city field is optional but strongly recommended as this information may be crucial for job seekers.

Organization - Would you apply for a job not knowing who is hiring? Probably not, so make sure you select your organization. If your organization is not yet in our drop-down menu, tick the box “Check this box if you can NOT find your organization in the list above” and type in your organization and its website url. Our editors will review the organization’s eligibility and/or contact you if additional information is necessary before registering it on ReliefWeb. To prevent fraud, we put our best efforts to ensure that we only publish job announcements from legitimate organizations. Here are some tips on how to spot a potential scam.

Job Description - Now that you have grabbed the job seeker's attention from the job title, the job description is where they identify if the job is the right fit for them. It is highly encouraged that you provide a background information on the organization and/or project, key responsibilities of the position, and required skills and experience. Is the content of your job description clear, detailed yet succinct and formatted in the right way (e.g. no all CAPs)?

How to Apply - The “How to Apply” field needs to have all the necessary contact information with application instructions such as contact email address. If your organization job site consists of an exhaustive list of vacancies, providing a direct link to the specific job vacancy is a time-saver for job seekers. Simplifying this process facilitates an easy application process for interested candidates.

Job Type - Are you advertising a job, a consultancy, an internship, or a voluntary opportunity? Let it be known, so that job seekers don't apply to a position they aren't qualified for or interested in.

Years of Experience - The years of experience filter is one of the most useful tools as it enables job seekers to narrow down job listings to the appropriate levels of experience for them. You would not want fresh graduates applying to your senior management roles.

Career Category and Theme - With the vast number of job announcements published on ReliefWeb daily, job seekers rely on filters by their preferences. You can help their job searches by selecting the most appropriate career category that reflects the main function of the position. As for the theme, select only if the position requires an expertise in any of our available sectors. Looking for a WASH Programme Officer? Make sure you select Program/Project Management under career category and Water Sanitation Hygiene under theme. Certain positions may not require a theme such as Administration/Finance, Human Resources, Donor Relations/Grant Management, Information and Communications Technology.

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Hope you can make use of these helpful tips when submitting your next job announcement. If you still have questions or would like to share your experience with our jobs service, please send us an email to share your experiences and feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

Not a recruiter? We have tips for job seekers too! You can read our blog post on How to find the most suitable job on ReliefWeb. Happy job searching and good luck!