Going mobile, version 2: Tell us what you think!

Véronique Durroux-Malpartida
© Pexel/Kote Baeza

We have just rebuilt the mobile version of our website. You may remember that a while back we launched ReliefWeb Lite in a bid to better meet the needs of users in low-bandwidth countries. Our Labs research ultimately proved to us that an enhanced mobile version would be more sustainable and stable.

Our mobile version 2 has combined the speed and simplicity of version 1 with the best features of ReliefWeb Lite:

  • It’s fast, even in areas with low connectivity
  • It allows users to visit pages when they are offline
  • It doesn’t require extra space or a brand new phone
  • It takes up less space than apps
  • It’s more accessible for users with disabilities

The most obvious change from the previous mobile version is the design, which is now sleeker and more responsive.

To try ReliefWeb Mobile, visit m.reliefweb.int or click on the mobile link at the top of the home page:


Your opinion matters

We’d like to know what you think of this new mobile version and would really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes for this quick survey: bit.ly/2Meu6B0

And as always, we value your comments, questions and suggestions about how to improve our products and services. You can contact us here.