Get national disaster management information straight from the source

Andrew Kobylinski

Last year, we posted a blog discussing the editorial process behind ReliefWeb’s natural disaster coverage. The blog outlined how our editors monitor and gather information from a variety of reliable sources in order to provide you with timely and comprehensive disaster updates.

One of our key sources of disaster information are National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMA). During our daily information collection process, we monitor NDMA websites from around the world and regularly re-publish their information on ReliefWeb.

So as part of our continuous effort to offer useful information services to humanitarians, the ReliefWeb editorial team has created a comprehensive list of NDMAs from across the globe. We created this list in order to share with you one of the tools we use to monitor and evaluate natural disaster situations. This list will assist you to find the official organization responsible for disaster management in a particular country and help you access further information.

The NDMA page can be found in the ReliefWeb ‘Disasters’ section. You can also stay informed of the latest updates from NDMAs by following the NDMA Twitter list that ReliefWeb has compiled. We’ve added the Twitter feed to the NDMA list page.

Links to relevant NDMAs are also included on individual ReliefWeb disaster pages under the “Useful Links” section.

If you know of an NDMA that we have missed or have any amendments or suggestions to to the list, let us know. We are always keen to hear from users about how we can improve the delivery of information to the humanitarian community. Contact us or leave a comment below.

Click here to see the worldwide list of National Disaster Management Authorities