Find what you’re looking for with ReliefWeb’s new filters and advanced search

Andrew Kobylinski

As you've probably noticed, we've just made some changes to ReliefWeb’s design and usability. These changes are designed to help you more easily navigate through ReliefWeb and are based on the feedback you provided in our recent user survey.

For many years, users have been telling us that they love the filters. However, you've also been telling us that their usability and functionality could be improved. So we've made some changes, added some new filters and created improved advanced search that will help you easily dig down into the wealth of humanitarian information available in ReliefWeb’s 18-year content archive.

Here is an outline of what you can expect and how you can make the most of your ReliefWeb experience.

1. Easy access to maps and infographics

maps infographics

Maps and infographics are one of the key types of information that humanitarians search for on ReliefWeb. To more easily access the maps catalogue, we've emphasized the maps button at the top of the content river. Click on the MAPS/INFOGRAPHICS button then use the filters to find the map you’re looking for.

2. Improved Search functionality

improved search

One of the most significant improvements is our search functionality. You can now easily undertake a keyword search by using the search box at the top of the information stream.

search options

If you’re an advanced ReliefWeb user and want to be specific about the type of information you’re looking for, then try our improved ‘Search option’.

Clicking the ? will show you the tips for how to use the Search Options: search option tips

You can also sort the results by either the latest posting or relevance to your search criteria

3. A new filter design


Firstly, we’ve moved the filters to the left and incorporated a new design, making them easier to access and to use.

All you need to do is click on the small arrow for each filter category to display the options available.

4. Clear all buttons

clear all

Many users click and change filter options frequently. Sometimes you may chose too many options, it can be difficult to go back to the start. So we’ve added a “clear” filters and “clear all” filters button that easily restarts your search.

5. New filter categories

Source Type

source categories

Source type allows you to filter by a type of organisation that publishes information, jobs or trainings. For example, you can use this filter to only display jobs or reports from NGOs.

Original Publication Date and Posting Date

posting datepublication date

We’ve separated the publication and posting date categories. To find when a piece of humanitarian information was published on ReliefWeb is known as the ‘Posting Date’. However the date of which a report was published by the organization is categorized as the ‘Original Publication Date’. In most cases these are the same or at least very close to each other. However sometimes there may be a delay in information reaching ReliefWeb, so we’re offering you both options.

Regions filter in Jobs and Training

region filter

We’ve also made some slight changes to the regions filter in the jobs and training sections. When a region filter is selected it will now display all the countries categorised within that region. Some countries are categorised within two or more regions which will display in your selection. Pictured here is the filter with ‘South-East Asia’ selected. You can easily remove a country from a region to customise your results.

You can find descriptions of ReliefWeb’s filter/taxonomy options at

Finally, for those users retrieving ReliefWeb information via RSS feed, you may experience some technical issues due to the system update. If you have problems, either recreate your feed or contact us. We'll be happy to help you restore your access.

This is just the first round of improvements that we are undertaking based on your feedback. Over the coming weeks you will see iterative improvements to our help section, login system, job posting forms and much more. Be sure to regularly check the ReliefWeb Blog for the latest updates.

We hope you to give these new features a try and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions in the comment box below, or get in touch.