Find humanitarian information by Country, Disaster… and now by ‘Topic’

Staying up to date in your area of humanitarian expertise is always important, so we have decided to introduce a content service called “Topics” to help you achieve this. ReliefWeb’s current design allows you to easily find information either by the latest updates, country or disaster. Now our new section ‘Topics’ will further help you find what you are looking for by focusing your search on specific humanitarian issues, without having to use lots of different filters. The beta version of this new service is being launched through our Labs portal so that we can test and discuss with you what Topic content streams might be useful for the humanitarian community.

Long-time users of ReliefWeb might remember the separate Policy and Issues section on our old (that is pre-2011) website, which focused on global analytical reports, evaluations, lessons learned, manuals, guidelines, etc. Our new topic pages build and expand on this concept, providing a one-stop-shop for topic-based information on ReliefWeb. Topics’ content is gathered from thousands of sources and is vetted by our editors for relevance and usefulness. Here you will find global analysis, policy documents, evaluations, lessons learned, manuals and guidelines from a particular topic of your interest.

The pages will also contain some new features such as a “Must Read” section with articles specifically hand-picked by our editorial team, easy to access topic related graphics, links to jobs and training, and a twitter stream from specialized organisations.

Starting with the topics page, we will not be testing new features with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), so unfortunately the page may not load correctly if you are using this browser. We recommend upgrading to a newer web browser, but if that is not an option for you, don’t worry, the existing ReliefWeb site will continue to work as normal.

For this Labs beta version, we are beginning with the topic “Food and Nutrition” in order to gauge your feedback on the new service. We hope this will be a first in a series of topics pages that we will develop for the humanitarian community. Once we obtain the proof of concept, we are we plan roll out Topics pages for themes such as health, education, protection and WASH.

To this end, we are seeking your feedback on:

  • Layout and design

  • What type of information should be included?

  • Any new type of functionality you think we should incorporate.

  • What are we missing?

  • What do you like?

To visit the sample topics “Food and Nutrition” page click here

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this section work for you, please let us know by leaving a message at the “food and nutrition topic page” thread on our feedback forum, leaving a comment below or emailing us at