Comprehensive El Niño humanitarian updates with one click: ReliefWeb’s new El Niño topic page

Andrew Kobylinski

** PLEASE NOTE this topic page is not maintained anymore

In 2016, millions of vulnerable people globally may be affected by the effects of El Niño, including drought, floods and food insecurity. Already Ethiopia is experiencing its worst El Niño-related drought in 30 years, leaving 10.2 million people in need of emergency food aid. Tens of millions of people across east and southern Africa, the Pacific, South-East Asia and Latin America are also affected. The current El Niño may prove to be the strongest on record.

To keep you informed of the situation and help you easily and quickly find the latest El Niño humanitarian updates, ReliefWeb has created a El Niño topics page. The page contains a wealth of information including response plans, analysis, reports, maps, infographics, monitoring tools, related tweets and videos. It is broken up into the affected regions and contains access to related disasters.

This El Niño page is the first in a new series of topic pages that will provide an easy access to in-depth information specific to topical issues that are of interest to the humanitarians. We currently working on revamping Humanitarian Financing and Gender topic pages with the help of OCHA’s subject matter experts.

Our sister platform, the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) has also launched a El Niño data repository. The repository contains downloadable El Niño related data sets which you can incorporate into your analysis and planning. You can also upload El Niño data to HDX and help make a wide range El Niño data available for all humanitarians.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the new El Niño page. Leave a comment below or get in touch.

Check out the new El Niño topic page.