Behind the scenes: Making your job search results better

In addition to daily updates on humanitarian crises, ReliefWeb is the go-to platform for both job seekers and recruiters in the humanitarian community. In 2015, we published more than 30,000 jobs from almost 1,500 humanitarian organizations, which were viewed 13.6 million times. That number gives us insight into how many of you are searching for your next challenging job opportunity on ReliefWeb. Given the high volume of jobs published on ReliefWeb - averaging 100 a day! - we understand that it is crucial for you to be able to drill down into the job advertisements according to your qualifications and interests in a time-efficient manner.

We have, in fact, observed that many of you use our filters to help narrow your search. For the filters to work effectively, accurate “tagging” to each job advertisement with the right filter terms is essential. We constantly advise our partners on the best way to post their job advertisements and have considerably improved the job submission form.

Even with the best intentions and efforts by our job partners, however, some tags can go awry, especially by those organizations that have to upload a large number of job advertisements to ReliefWeb. Therefore, we understand your frustrations with your filter search results at times as a result.

So we teamed up with UNICEF, one of the largest job advertisers on ReliefWeb (more than 1,200 postings this year), to develop a more efficient way for the agency to post a huge volume of jobs on ReliefWeb with quality tagging.

Solution: “Jobs Posting Automation”

Jobs posting automation allows data to be imported via a unique feed. In this case, UNICEF jobs are transmitted from their recruitment portal to the ReliefWeb job site. While this reduces the tedious uploading of each job advertisement that UNICEF has to perform, enforcing quality control of tagged terms to each job advertisement as part of our initial requirements for the “automation” will significantly generate more reliable job search results, making it easier and more efficient for you, job seekers, to find jobs in line with your qualifications.

upload flow

Setting up the mechanism in automating job postings with UNICEF took a long time. But we did it because we heard you, and wanted to share what we do behind the scenes to improve user experience. Feel free to share with us your thoughts by either posting a comment below or sending us a message.