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Andrew Kobylinski
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** PLEASE NOTE some topic pages are not maintained anymore. See recent topic pages

A couple of months ago we set up a labs project that created Topics pages for disaster types (e.g. floods, storms, etc). We presented users with a prototype ‘Floods’ page and sought feedback on the content, design, layout and functionality. After receiving a great response from users and taking on board some of your suggestions, we are now integrating these hazard type pages into the ReliefWeb site.

Starting with Floods, Droughts, Earthquakes and Storms, these first versions of the hazard type Topic pages will be most useful to humanitarian responders and researchers looking for analysis of responses to, lessons learned from and preparedness recommendations for humanitarian intervention in particular natural hazard types.

The new hazard type Topics pages will include:

  • Relevant and insightful content categorised by each hazard type from ReliefWeb’s database of over 500,000 articles
  • Interactive maps with of natural disaster events that ReliefWeb covered in the past 12 months
  • Links to disaster monitoring tools from global monitoring organisations
  • Easy access to ‘lessons learned’ from humanitarian responses to particular hazard types, from across the globe
  • Many more additional resources including disaster statistics, maps, infographics, videos, tweets and other multimedia content.

The pages are designed using ReliefWeb’s simple information architecture philosophy. The latest reports displayed first with option to search through results to specifically find what you are looking for.

These pages will help humanitarians stay informed in their particular area of expertise. They are also one of the first steps in our process of creating new ways to make disaster coverage more timely and relevant to your needs.

To visit the hazard type Topic pages click here

We will be constantly updating and improving these pages so if you have any suggestions or ideas to make the them more informative, please let us know by either leaving a comment below or contact us.