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10 Jun 2014
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: training, disasterready.org

Are you new to ReliefWeb? Or maybe feel that you need a refresher course on how to find humanitarian information? Then the new ReliefWeb Online Tour at DisasterReady.org could be just what you need.

With over 550,000 humanitarian situation reports, maps, news, press releases, evaluations, and guidelines available on ReliefWeb, and more than 100 new updates each day, finding specific humanitarian information can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you are pressed for time before deployment or new to the site.

So ReliefWeb has teamed up with DisasterReady.org to create an online training tour that teaches you how to navigate ReliefWeb and make the most of some the most popular features. DisasterReady.org is a free, easy to use online training resource designed to help prepare aid workers for the demands they face in the field.

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