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23 Oct 2013
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: Topics, search, theme, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, human rights, Mine Action, Disaster Management

Our Topics categories just keep growing! Since the launch of Topics pages in August over 16,000 visitors have searched for humanitarian information by various topics. This week we’ve added Protection & Human Rights, Disaster Management, Mine Action, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding to the list of topic categories available, bringing the total number to fourteen. Like our other Topics pages these categories will also include a list of must read documents chosen by our editorial staff, the latest tweets from specialized organisations, and important videos that we believe will keep you informed in your area of humanitarian expertise.

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13 Aug 2013
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: theme, Topics, search

After many hours of development, programming, reviewing content, tagging information, seeking feedback and creating exciting new functionality, we are proud to graduate our Topics pages from concept to a full-fledged feature of ReliefWeb. Now users are able to search for humanitarian information by either latest update, countries, disasters or topics.

You can easily find the topics pages by using the link on the main menu bar

Designed to make it easy for you to stay up to date in your area of humanitarian expertise, the Topics pages filter global content related to a particular theme, providing you with categorised in-depth information published on ReliefWeb. This includes global analysis, policy documents, evaluations, lessons learned, manuals and guidelines for a topic of your particular interest.

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16 Jul 2013
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: Topics, floods, theme, map

Last month we launched the beta version of our new topics pages as mentioned in our previous blog post. We've had a great response from the Reliefweb user community and are pleased to learn that the content service based around thematic topics is both useful and relevant to your information needs. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent topics pages survey as well as everyone who provided valuable feedback through other channels.

One of the key pieces of feedback we received was that users requested similar theme based pages for disaster types. So today we are announcing our new ‘disaster type’ topics pages which are designed to let you research and monitor information about a particular disaster, for example floods, earthquakes, storms etc.

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03 Jun 2013
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: filter, theme, search, Topics

Staying up to date in your area of humanitarian expertise is always important, so we have decided to introduce a content service called “Topics” to help you achieve this. ReliefWeb’s current design allows you to easily find information either by the latest updates, country or disaster. Now our new section ‘Topics’ will further help you find what you are looking for by focusing your search on specific humanitarian issues, without having to use lots of different filters. The beta version of this new service is being launched through our Labs portal so that we can test and discuss with you what Topic content streams might be useful for the humanitarian community.

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05 Dec 2012
blog By Viola Voss Tags: theme, search, filter

Long-time users of ReliefWeb might remember the separate Policy and Issues section on our old (that is pre-2011) website that focused on global analytical reports, evaluations, lessons learned, manuals, guidelines, etc. Our current site has fully integrated these types of documents, so that country-specific information of this kind doesn’t get overlooked. We explained this move on our feedback and support forum, but now we’re realizing that our focus on countries does make it harder to find general information on humanitarian issues and themes. That is why we’re currently working on a new thematic section for ReliefWeb. Here is a very early draft of what it might look like:

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this section work for you, please let us know at the feedback forum or contact us.

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