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At global conference, students use ReliefWeb data to pitch to donors

By Yuan-Kwan Chan

110 participants.

20 minutes to prepare.

3 judges.

1.5 minutes to convince a donor on how to aid polio vaccination efforts in Syria.

That was the challenge posed to student delegates representing 27 nationalities and 56 higher education institutions recently in Bangkok, Thailand. The participants, selected to attend the 2018 University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS), learned about ReliefWeb and...

Improved Training section makes it easier to find the opportunities you are looking for

By Jason Fallow


We’ve improved our search filters to make finding training opportunities easier. New tabs allow you to discover free and online courses in one click. Revised scope means you’ll find courses that are more relevant to your career.

ReliefWeb is the humanitarian community’s go-to site for training opportunities, and now we’ve made it even easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking...

ReliefWeb Data Snapshots: RW usage analysis powered by ReliefWeb API and Google Analytics

By Miguel Hernandez Rivera

**PLEASE NOTE the Data Snapshots have been discontinued. Learn more about the reasons for decommissioned project on our Labs Page

ReliefWeb received, on average, about 1.3 million visits a month in 2016. Our users visit the site to search for the latest crisis information, job announcements and opportunities to brush up their skills and knowledge. They access the site from the field and...

Making it easier for training providers to reach ReliefWeb users

By Yuan-Kwan Chan

ReliefWeb’s Training section has been gaining popularity. Last year, the section advertised about 3,000 training opportunities by more than 570 organizations, catering to the needs of humanitarian professionals - a 16.5 per cent rise in the number of advertisements compared to the previous year and a threefold increase since 2009.

These days, training opportunities for humanitarians are offered in...

Looking for jobs/training by country or region is now easier!

By Andrew Kobylinski

Have you wanted to search ReliefWeb's jobs and training sections by region? Or look for jobs and training in only a few select countries? Well our latest improvement to the search filters now allows you to do this.

We’ve created new country and region filters that are designed to help you find jobs and training in specific locations. Using these filters will make your search faster and easier,...