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Interactive visuals on ReliefWeb: Another way to view data

By Yuan-Kwan Chan

Since 1996, more than 54,000 maps and infographics have been posted on our site and through our mobile apps as static images and PDF files. Our information partners are, however, increasingly taking advantage of interactive visualization tools to more effectively communicate their analysis, overlaying data and narratives on time scales, geographical layers, and so on. From water sources in...

What have humanitarians been reporting on over the past decade?

By Andrew Kobylinski

** UPDATE Please note the ReliefWeb Content Trends is not available anymore. More about our decommissioned projects here

Over the past 17 years ReliefWeb has collected and stored more than 545,000 pieces of humanitarian information, diligently tagging them with taxonomy for crises and disasters, content type, sources, themes and vulnerable groups. This bank of structured information provides a...