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How we created a humanitarian data resource in just nine months

By Dennis King

On the 25th anniversary of ReliefWeb, I am proud that I was part of the design team back in 1996. Thinking back on those days, I am amazed by how much has changed in the past quarter-century. In 1996, something called electronic mail and the World Wide Web were just starting to be used in the work environment. Humanitarian information products, such as SitReps, appeals, maps, and assessments,...

ReliefWeb's Early Days

By Craig Duncan

ReliefWeb is now 25 years old. In a series of posts, we’ll be looking back over those years from the perspective of some of the people who helped make it what it is today. Craig Duncan, one of the first people to work on the project, remembers how it developed from a list of links – and how it found its name. Inevitably there are some technical details involved!

The ReliefWeb project had a few...