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Why humanitarians turn to ReliefWeb in emergencies

By Yuan-Kwan Chan

During the past 20 years, humanitarian professionals around the world have turned to ReliefWeb as their go-to source for information in responding to a disaster or crisis. Several of our users told us why.

***Brian Kelly, Regional Advisor for Asia and the Pacific, Emergency and Post-Crisis Unit, International Organization for Migration (IOM):*

ReliefWeb has created this niche where if people know...

Stay “alert” with ReliefWeb’s enhanced disaster monitoring system

By Andrew Kobylinski

Hundreds of natural disasters occur each year. According to UNOCHA’s World Humanitarian Data and Trends, natural disasters affected more than 124.5 million people worldwide in 2012. Having access to timely and relevant information is key for humanitarians to be prepared and effective in response.

At ReliefWeb, we aim to provide timely disaster information that is useful and relevant to the...