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ReliefWeb in 2019 - the records keep on coming…

By Madeleine Wackernagel

In 2019, ReliefWeb continued to break its own records, topping the 10 million mark for the first time, with 10.8 million visitors. In a year characterized by extraordinary natural disasters – ranging from Cyclones Idai and Kenneth affecting millions of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in the first quarter of the year, to Hurricane Dorian hitting the Bahamas in August, extremes of drought...

Field usage and mobile access on the rise: ReliefWeb in 2017

By Véronique Durroux-Malpartida

There are stories behind numbers, and we can learn a lot by looking at ReliefWeb analytics trends in 2017. Throughout the year, more than 6,8 million users visited ReliefWeb, an 18.33% increase from 2016. Let’s take a closer look at what and who are behind those figures.

More visibility equals more users

In 2017 we reached out to potential users looking for humanitarian content via new channels...

Number of ReliefWeb users topped 6 million in 2016, Africa user base still on the rise

By Veronique Durroux

In its 20th year ReliefWeb notched up a record six million users, a rise of 4.5% from 2015. Most of these came from Africa, which saw a 17.5% jump from the previous year, confirming the continent as the top user base among the humanitarian community. The increase was particularly significant in South Sudan (+30%), Uganda (+18%), and Somalia (+17%).

There was also a striking increase in the number...

ReliefWeb Data Snapshots: RW usage analysis powered by ReliefWeb API and Google Analytics

By Miguel Hernandez Rivera

**PLEASE NOTE the Data Snapshots have been discontinued. Learn more about the reasons for decommissioned project on our Labs Page

ReliefWeb received, on average, about 1.3 million visits a month in 2016. Our users visit the site to search for the latest crisis information, job announcements and opportunities to brush up their skills and knowledge. They access the site from the field and...

Compare and contrast: ReliefWeb analytics Jan-Jun 2015 vs 2016

By Madeleine Wackernagel

From the ReliefWeb office in the middle of the UN’s Africa headquarters in Nairobi it makes perfect sense that Kenya should once again be the top user base for ReliefWeb, surrounded as we are by all the leading UN agencies and NGOs, as well as, unfortunately, some of the biggest crises - drought in Ethiopia, civil strife and food insecurity in South Sudan, violence, displacement in the Central...

ReliefWeb in 2015: Usage increases by 20% from the previous year, Africa now the biggest user base

By Satoko Nakagawa

In 2015, ReliefWeb topped our own record again for the number of site visits and reports and maps published. 2015 saw 14.5 million sessions, a 20% increase from the previous year, by 5.7 million users, almost 16% increase in the same period.

ReliefWeb added 61,287 reports and maps (+11.66% from 2014), 10% of which were on the Syria crisis (more than 5,500 content). We highlighted almost 1,900...

Nepal Earthquake, Cyclone Pam and Yemen Crisis significantly increase ReliefWeb usage in 2015

By Andrew Kobylinski

More than ever humanitarian workers are seeking timely and reliable information to help them plan and deliver humanitarian responses to disasters and crises that are happening worldwide. As the humanitarian community’s leading source of information, ReliefWeb has been providing humanitarian information services since 1996. In the first half of 2015, ReliefWeb access has grown substantially, with...

2014 - Another record year for ReliefWeb

By Andrew Kobylinski

2014 was another record year for ReliefWeb, with over 4.96 million users accessing ReliefWeb more than 12 million times.

We added more than 54,000 reports and maps to ReliefWeb and covered all the year’s major crises such as the West Africa Ebola outbreak, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

We also we introduced some great new initiatives that were designed to help you more...

11.85 million visits - a record year for ReliefWeb

By Andrew Kobylinski

2013 was a busy year for ReliefWeb’s team and servers.

We experienced a 25% growth in site usage, Published over 43,000 humanitarian updates including: Over 39,000 situation reports, analyses, assessments, press releases, manuals, evaluations and appeals Over 4,000 maps and infographics In March, we reached the amazing milestone of having published over 500,000 humanitarian reports since 1996...