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Number of ReliefWeb users topped 6 million in 2016, Africa user base still on the rise

By Veronique Durroux

In its 20th year ReliefWeb notched up a record six million users, a rise of 4.5% from 2015. Most of these came from Africa, which saw a 17.5% jump from the previous year, confirming the continent as the top user base among the humanitarian community. The increase was particularly significant in South Sudan (+30%), Uganda (+18%), and Somalia (+17%).

There was also a striking increase in the number...

Compare and contrast: ReliefWeb analytics Jan-Jun 2015 vs 2016

By Madeleine Wackernagel

From the ReliefWeb office in the middle of the UN’s Africa headquarters in Nairobi it makes perfect sense that Kenya should once again be the top user base for ReliefWeb, surrounded as we are by all the leading UN agencies and NGOs, as well as, unfortunately, some of the biggest crises - drought in Ethiopia, civil strife and food insecurity in South Sudan, violence, displacement in the Central...