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16 Jul 2015
blog By Celine Parade Tags: jobs

Looking for a job in the humanitarian and development sector?

ReliefWeb is a great resource for job seekers. Not only can you find hundreds of new humanitarian vacancies published each day on our platform, you can also gain insights into the countries and topics of your interest. Learn how to find the most suitable job openings as well as relevant background information to prepare for your job interview.

How to find jobs that best suit you

Visit the ReliefWeb Jobs page to look for a job that best fits your interest and qualifications. Using the left-hand side filters, you can narrow down your job search by countries, hiring organizations, career categories, years of experience, etc. You can use as many filters as you want in order to narrow down your search.

Here are a few examples to further assist you in your job search:

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24 Jun 2015
blog By Yuan-Kwan Chan Tags: training

ReliefWeb’s Training section has been gaining popularity. Last year, the section advertised about 3,000 training opportunities by more than 570 organizations, catering to the needs of humanitarian professionals - a 16.5 per cent rise in the number of advertisements compared to the previous year and a threefold increase since 2009.

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17 Apr 2015
blog By Shuichi Odaka

In October 2014, we undertook a comprehensive user survey designed to help us get a better understanding of why and how you use ReliefWeb as well as what you do with the information you find. We also wanted to find out what kind of humanitarian information you need for your daily work, and what services you may want from ReliefWeb going forward. By learning more about you and your humanitarian information needs, we can improve the existing features and better plan for new services.

The survey was also focused around discovering how you rate ReliefWeb’s current products and services and how you want to receive humanitarian information.

About the survey

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08 Apr 2015
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: email

It’s April 2015, and so far this year ReliefWeb has already uploaded more than 15,000 updates and covered fourteen natural disasters. We’re updating ReliefWeb daily with new reports and maps. Our goal is to keep the global humanitarian community informed about the latest developments on crises and disasters.

One of the best ways for users to stay current of the latest humanitarian updates is via ReliefWeb’s email subscription services that we have been offering for many years.

Now with our latest improvements to the subscription process, we’ve made it easier for you to choose and subscribe to notifications on new updates about countries, disasters, headlines, maps and infographics, situation reports, jobs and trainings.

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24 Feb 2015
blog By Andrew Kobylinski Tags: Statistics, 2014

2014 was another record year for ReliefWeb, with over 4.96 million users accessing ReliefWeb more than 12 million times.

We added more than 54,000 reports and maps to ReliefWeb and covered all the year’s major crises such as the West Africa Ebola outbreak, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

We also we introduced some great new initiatives that were designed to help you more easily access the humanitarian information on ReliefWeb’s. These included:

Improved API: The ReliefWeb application programming interface (API) was significantly improved to better enable websites, software, and apps to connect directly with the ReliefWeb database, helping humanitarians to develop new online initiatives. https://reliefweb.int/help/api

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