A look at the ideas and projects we're working on as we strive to grow and improve ReliefWeb.
12 Aug 2015
blog By Adrian Ciancio

In February 2015, ReliefWeb launched the Videos section beta v. 1.0 in our Labs space to gauge the usefulness of this new content service. Based on the surveys and analytics, we are happy to find that users love our Video section, content of which is painstakingly selected for relevance and tagged for ease of discovery by our editorial team.

Based on the popularity of the beta version, our product team has enhanced the design and navigation while the editorial team continues to find, select and curate the video content, which now numbers some 3,000 and keeps growing daily.

Now, we are offering curated video content in various relevant sections of the site - Countries, Topics and Updates. Latest videos can be found alongside the content river.

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05 Aug 2015
blog By Adrian Ciancio

Over the past couple of years, we have used our Labs to test new ideas and products for ReliefWeb. It's in this space that we have seen, for example, the growth of our API or the Video section.

At the same time, we saw a significant increase in activity related to humanitarian innovation, indicating that innovation has become central to the humanitarian community. It's a pity not to share the great innovative work we come across, so we're expanding ReliefWeb Labs to showcase resources on humanitarian innovation, including news, global reports, lessons learned, job openings, trainings, social media and videos.

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22 Jul 2015
blog By Satoko Nakagawa Tags: jobs

Are you interested in working with ReliefWeb? We are looking for a Programme Management Officer (Digital Products), P-3 to support boosting our product management capacity. If you are passionate about developing and managing features and digital products/services to inform humanitarians worldwide, check out the fixed-term Vacancy Announcement for this post at:

  • United Nations Careers

  • ReliefWeb

Please note that the deadline for application is 3 October 2015 and the application must be done through the link within United Nations Careers.

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16 Jul 2015
blog By Celine Parade Tags: jobs

Looking for a job in the humanitarian and development sector?

ReliefWeb is a great resource for job seekers. Not only can you find hundreds of new humanitarian vacancies published each day on our platform, you can also gain insights into the countries and topics of your interest. Learn how to find the most suitable job openings as well as relevant background information to prepare for your job interview.

How to find jobs that best suit you

Visit the ReliefWeb Jobs page to look for a job that best fits your interest and qualifications. Using the left-hand side filters, you can narrow down your job search by countries, hiring organizations, career categories, years of experience, etc. You can use as many filters as you want in order to narrow down your search.

Here are a few examples to further assist you in your job search:

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24 Jun 2015
blog By Yuan-Kwan Chan Tags: training

ReliefWeb’s Training section has been gaining popularity. Last year, the section advertised about 3,000 training opportunities by more than 570 organizations, catering to the needs of humanitarian professionals - a 16.5 per cent rise in the number of advertisements compared to the previous year and a threefold increase since 2009.

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