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Detaining migrant children is not only wrong, but ineffective, says UN migration network

Detention of children for immigration purposes, whether travelling alone or with their families, has been recognized as a child rights violation and can be highly damaging to their well-being.


Countries agree to make ‘land degradation neutrality’ by 2030 a national target

Besides the agreement on fighting desertification, there was a landmark decision to boost global efforts to mitigate and manage the risks of crippling drought.


Without urgent action, 12 million children will never spend a day at school - UNESCO

New data published today on out-of-school children reveals little or no progress over more than a decade, with roughly 258 million children out of school in 2018.


Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas government and UNICEF to bring 10,000 displaced children back to school

UNICEF welcomes the decision by the government to invite parents and guardians of displaced students, aged 4 to 19, to seek enrolment in government schools starting in New Providence.

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