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ECHO announces more than €34 million for Great Lakes region

Most of the funding supports the DRC (€29.375 million) and refugees from Burundi in Tanzania and Rwanda (€4.3 million). The remainder goes to Burundi and the Congo.

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UN and ICRC appeal for end to explosive weapons use in cities

Armed conflict in cities kills and gravely wounds countless civilians, leaving many with life-long disabilities and psychological trauma. Infrastructure is damaged or destroyed.


South Sudan’s peace process ‘precarious, but progress in being made’, Security Council hears

In his speech, David Shearer said it was vital to maintain momentum. “That very much depends on the goodwill of the parties as well as the collective and unrelenting focus of the country’s international friends."


FAO provides emergency livestock response for drought-affected communities in Ethiopia

Funded by CERF and ECHO, FAO is carrying out treatment campaigns and helping households to sell their animals to generate cash and reduce pressure on limited available pasture.

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