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UN, government say 150,000 people need immediate help in Djibouti

In some places, the equivalent of two years' worth of rainfall fell in one day. More rains are expected, which will further compound the already serious humanitarian situation.

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MSF welcomes Gavi decision on Ebola vaccines

Gavi will finance the establishment of an emergency stockpile of 500,000 doses - a positive step, said MSF. It is calling for complete transparency in the overall global stockpile available.

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HRW says Brazil failing to protect unaccompanied Venezuelan children

Some unaccompanied children end up living on the streets, where they may be particularly vulnerable to abuse or to recruitment by Brazilian criminal gangs, Human Rights Watch found.


More than 9.4 million children vaccinated against typhoid fever in Sindh

An historical milestone has been reached in Pakistan with the vaccination in Sindh Province of more than 9.4 million children aged from nine months to 15 years against typhoid fever.

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