UNHCR appeals for safe passage for civilians in southern Syria

An estimated 140,000 people remain displaced across the south-west and need safe passage out of the area, plus immediate humanitarian assistance, protection and shelter.

Libya + 1 other

Libya rejects EU plans for migrant centres on its territory

Libya rejects a European Union's plan to establish migrant centres there to stop asylum seekers arriving in western Europe and it will not be swayed by financial inducements, Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj said.

Eritrea + 3 others

How improved Ethiopia-Eritrea relations could help to stabilise the region

The Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict has been one of the major reasons for instability in the Horn of Africa, and so the effects of their rapprochement will be felt across the region.


UNHCR reports progress on refugee health efforts, despite record displacement

Health services to refugees and other displaced populations are in most cases on track. However, communicable diseases, anaemia, and stunting remain areas of concern.

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