Critical funding shortages threaten WHO’s response in northwest Syria

As the conflict in northwest Syria escalates, WHO is appealing for US$ 11 million to provide life-saving health care to people in parts of Aleppo, Hama, Idleb and Lattakia governorates.


$4.5 million urgently needed in Gaza Strip to prevent life-saving services from shutting down

The Humanitarian Coordinator for the oPt is calling on donors to immediately fund the procurement of emergency fuel. “We have now run out of funds and are delivering the final supplies in the next few days," he said.

Bangladesh + 1 other

About $72 million needed to protect Rohingya refugee women missing out on vital aid

Rohingya women living in Bangladesh are developing health problems and are at greater risk of abuse due to unsafe and unsuitable facilities in many parts of the refugee camps, Oxfam warned.

India + 5 others

Latest humanitarian snapshot highlights flooding in India, Viet Nam, Thailand, and Laos

As of 19 August, flooding in India's Kerala state has caused 361 deaths and displaced 725,000 people. Cyclone Bebinca caused flooding in Viet Nam, Thailand, and Laos.

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