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Estimated 4.1 million people require humanitarian assistance in Iraq

Fifty per cent of those in need are concentrated in Ninewa and Al-Anbar governorates while 1.5 million people remain internally displaced, most for more than three years.

Iraq + 1 other

Crisis in north-eastern Syria sends thousands over border to Iraq

More than 14,000 refugees from north-east Syria have fled across the border into Iraq, carrying with them nothing but a few personal belongings. Tens of thousands more people are expected.


Nigeria campaign to protect more than 28 million children against measles, meningitis

Nigeria has experienced repeated outbreaks of measles due to low routine immunization coverage and is also in the meningitis belt where the incidence rate is very high.


Increased support for Afghan farmers hit by conflict and natural disasters

The Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund has contributed $9.5 million to an FAO-led project that aims to boost the resilience of farmers affected by conflict and natural disasters.

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