Ethiopia: US$280.4 million required for life-saving interventions

Priority areas include emergency health and nutrition services, water and sanitation facilities, access to education, and improvements in basic living conditions.


Cyclone Mekunu sweeps through Yemeni island, state of emergency declared

The government called for humanitarian support as heavy rains and flooding on the island of Socotra have reportedly caused significant damage to public infrastructure and loss of life.


Colombian Red Cross scales up emergency response to avalanche and flash flood risk

On 14 May, Antioquia’s state governor declared the situation a “public calamity”, predicting that the bursting of Ituango hydroelectric dam could affect up to 133,000 people.

Afghanistan + 1 other

Two million people at risk of severe food insecurity due to ongoing drought in Afghanistan

The intensified conflict across many parts of the country exacerbates the effects of the drought and has limited the communities’ access to markets. More than 21,000 people have migrated due to the drought.

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