UN seeks $80 million to address 'domino' effect of drought, floods and conflict in Somalia

The total number of people in the affected districts is 6.2 million, of which 1.1 million are noted to be in IPC 3 and 4 and 1.628 million - 26% - had already been displaced prior to the flooding.


Urgent humanitarian access required to Derna, Libya

Life-saving assistance, such as supplies to support medical facilities and other basic services, as well as food and non-food items, have been blocked from entering Derna, says UN.


Floods leave hundreds of families strained in Iraq's Sinjar Mountain

Particularly at risk are some 720 displaced Yazidi families who have been living in makeshift tents for the past four years, many of whom have lost their tents, food supplies, and other belongings.

Bangladesh + 1 other

Aid restrictions endangering Rohingya ahead of monsoons in Bangladesh

Refugees International warns that a humanitarian catastrophe is imminently threatening nearly one million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh as they face the onset of the monsoon and cyclone season.

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