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124 million people in 51 countries face crisis-level food insecurity or worse

In 2017, conflict continued to be the primary driver of food insecurity in 18 countries, while climate disasters were also major triggers of food crises in 23 countries, reveals the new Report on Food Crises.


MSF-supported hospitals in East Ghouta down from 20 to just one

"Hospitals and clinics we support have been evacuated, with staff moving away to escape the approaching frontline fighting," explains MSF Syria Operations coordinator Lorena Bilbao.


Health facilities devastated by PNG earthquake

Results of a joint National Department of Health and WHO assessment show that 25 out of 77 health facilities in the two worst-affected provinces are no longer functioning.


Massive livestock losses severely impact on Somali livelihoods and food security

Massive livestock deaths due to drought - 60% of herds in some areas - have severely damaged pastoralists' livelihoods. The losses may exacerbate the fragile food security situation, FAO warns.

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