Yemen: "We are losing the fight against famine" - UN Humanitarian Chief

"The position has deteriorated in an alarming way in recent weeks. We may now be approaching a tipping point, beyond which it will be impossible to prevent massive loss of life" Mark Lowcock told UN Security Council.


Sharp increase in suspected cholera cases collapsing municipal healthcare system in Dominican Republic

Since the outbreak in July, four confirmed cases of cholera and 91 suspected cases have been identified in residents of Los Pinos del Edén, Ángel Feliz, urban area of La Descubierta and Los Bolos.


Thousands displaced due to flooding across Nigeria

Thousands of houses have been destroyed and the floods have caused considerable damage to farmland. There is an urgent need for shelter, NFI, food and livelihood assistance.


Children left orphaned or separated from their parents in DRC Ebola outbreak

UNICEF and its partners have so far identified 155 children who have been orphaned or left unaccompanied as a result of the latest Ebola outbreak in the eastern DRC.

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