South Sudan + 1 other

Unprecedented flooding affects up to 200,000 locals, refugees in South Sudan

UNHCR and partners have begun assessments in refugee camps in Maban and surrounding communities. Emergency shelter, food, water, and sanitation are urgently needed.


Water station in north-east Syria out of service, impacting 400,000 people as violence continues

The two main electricity lines supplying power to the station have been damaged in the fighting. UNICEF is responding to the severe shortages among the affected communities.

Save the Children

Children who fled violence in Burkina Faso on verge of hunger

More than 45,000 people have been internally displaced from recent attacks in the North Central region of Burkina Faso, including some 30,000 children under 18.

Bangladesh + 1 other

Feedback centre helps Rohingya refugees communicate needs in Bangladesh camps

Many refugees have struggled to communicate their needs which has often led to a top-down approach to humanitarian work that has negatively affected service delivery.

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