Up to 1,500 pregnant women in Hodeidah at risk of death as main hospital becomes inaccessible

Al-Thawra Hospital, Hodeidah's major neonatal care facility, is under strain. It witnesses some 400 to 500 deliveries per month, including more than 200 caesarian sections.


UNICEF reaches 25 villages in rural Hama, Syria, with safe drinking water

Access to many areas where fighting has stopped is still limited. UNICEF and other humanitarian agencies are now able to access some formerly hard-to-reach areas as conflict lines shifted.

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Shrinking natural resources, rising insecurity lead to dire situation in Sahel

The Sahel is suffering from a rise in intercommunal conflict over resources depleted by desertification, drought and other climatic extremes.


Schools in Gaza closed as fighting threatens safety of children and teachers

The closure of Gaza's schools comes just days after UNRWA said all of its 711 schools there and in the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq would stay open, despite a funding crisis.

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