Hospitals in Niger overwhelmed by children affected by malaria, malnutrition - MSF

Despite assistance from over 200 medical staff from MSF, an average of at least ten children per day in Niger are succumbing to either malaria and malnutrition.

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Largest EU humanitarian programme helps about 1.4 million refugees in Turkey

The Emergency Social Safety Net programme provides the most vulnerable refugee families with cash assistance every month, giving them a measure of control over their lives.


Critical water shortages reported in southern Iraq

Basrah governorate is particularly hit, with reduced water availability triggering new internal displacement and an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness affecting more than 22,000 people.


FAO initiative to help low-income countries improve collection of agricultural data

Each year, about $240 billion is invested in agriculture in low and middle-income countries, but critical investment decisions are being taken without a sound information base.

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