Food aid reaches families displaced by violence in Somali region of Ethiopia

​People fled their homes when violent protests erupted on 3 August. Houses, churches, vehicles and shops were burned, damaged or looted, and WFP was forced to suspend all its operations.


Drought exacerbates plight of conflict-affected farmers in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is experiencing one of the world’s most complex humanitarian emergencies. Conflict, drought, displacement and cross-border movements all increase food insecurity.


WHO supports life-saving health care for people in southern Syria

Despite the scaled-up response, WHO’s humanitarian work in Syria remains severely underfunded. As of 12 August 2018, WHO had received less than one fifth of the $141 million required in 2018.


Vaccination, a central strategy in the fight against Ebola in DR Congo

Vaccines are given to health workers who are on the frontline to treat people infected by this deadly disease as well as to people that have been in contact with infected persons, and contacts of these contacts.

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