Conflict in Cameroon's Anglophone regions forces 430,000 people to flee

Many people are hiding in the bush with no support, warns the NRC. People are without proper shelter and sanitation facilities, clean water, food and access to medical care.


How to make the ceasefire stick in Yemen's Hodeida

The consequences of failure are painfully clear. A battle for Hodeida would be lengthy and destructive, and it would almost certainly precipitate mass starvation.


Millions of Congolese languish without aid as country heads towards elections

The waves of displacement are mainly due to violence around Congo's eastern frontier, in Ituri and the Kivus. More than 13 million people depend on humanitarian assistance.

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Humanitarian groups raise alarm over attacks on health workers in northwest Syria

Kidnapping of health workers, once a rarity at the beginning of the year, has become systematic after the summer of 2018, with an attack reported almost every month.

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