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ICRC chief highlights plight of 65 million IDPs and refugees

Of the 65 million people displaced by violence and war, just over 20 million are refugees, while the remaining majority are displaced in their own countries, often more than once.


Uniting in the battle to end child malnutrition in Nigeria

An estimated 2.5 million Nigerian children under the age of five suffer from SAM every year, making children nine times more likely to die from common childhood illnesses.


Somalia hits grim milestone as drought and conflict force one million people to flee

Half the population - more than 6.2 million people - now need humanitarian assistance, half of whom are in a crisis situation, and 388,000 children under the age of five are acutely malnourished.

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Global action needed to save African crops from Fall armyworm

International community must act swiftly, and on a large scale. The worm reportedly has a foothold in 28 nations in Africa, and it feeds on crops that include maize, consumed by more than 200 million Africans.

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