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IFRC disaster expert: “Cox’s Bazar crisis is one of the worst I’ve ever seen”

With people standing on buckets in their plastic sheet shelters to stay out of the water, and no solution to the crisis in sight, there are concerns that the world’s attention will move on, leading to a drop in the vital resources needed.

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Nuru becomes African farmers’ newest ally against Fall Armyworm

FAO and Pennsylvania State University have developed a talking app to help African farmers recognize Fall Armyworm, a fast-spreading crop pest in sub-Saharan Africa.


Guatemala volcano eruption: 8,500 children still unable to return to school

The government has planned to establish 20 temporary learning spaces with a compressed school schedule, and to provide a minimum supply of teaching materials, school bags and personal health care kits.


CHF allocates $17 million to help Afghans struck by drought

The emergency assistance will include cash to buy food in local markets, trucking of drinking water to villages and schools, and treatment of malnourished girls and boys.

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