UN condemns continuing human rights abuses in Venezuela

Report spotlights failure of Venezuelan authorities to hold accountable perpetrators of human rights violations. It also lays bare the grave impact of the economic and social crisis on the rights to food and health.


Guatemala volcano eruption: 8,500 children still unable to return to school

The government has planned to establish 20 temporary learning spaces with a compressed school schedule, and to provide a minimum supply of teaching materials, school bags and personal health care kits.

Cameroon + 1 other

Cameroon launches emergency fund for victims of separatist conflict

Prime Minister Yang said he was counting on government resources and contributions from Cameroonians and the international community to fund the emergency humanitarian assistance plan.

Bangladesh + 1 other

IOM raises awareness of trafficking risks with experiences of Rohingya refugees

IOM has launched comic books that tell the true-life stories of Rohingya refugees who have fallen victim to human trafficking, to raise awareness among those vulnerable in Bangladesh.

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