FAO + 2 others

Increasing number of people face severe food shortages in South Sudan

Three United Nations agencies are urging for scaled-up humanitarian assistance as nearly 7 million people in South Sudan face acute food insecurity at the height of this lean season.

Venezuela + 7 others
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Venezuelan outflow continues unabated, stands now at 3.4 million

Colombia hosts the highest number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela, with over 1.1 million. With rising numbers, the needs of the refugees and host communities continue to increase.


More than 700,000 people face hunger following drought in Somaliland

According to a recent report, the 2018 rainy season was worse than normal with parts of Somaliland receiving only 25 to 50 per cent of its average rainfall.


DR Congo: Thousands in Yumbi need ongoing support after recent conflict

Even though the acute phase of the emergency is over, it is essential that additional resources are allocated to support the health system in the long term.

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