IOM launches $88.5 million appeal to support Ethiopians and migrants impacted by conflict and drought

Transportation of newly arrived refugees from border entry points to camps remains a critical priority, while shelter, WASH and livelihood support remains critically under-funded.


United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia completes its mandate

Established by the Security Council in 2003, UNMIL created a security environment that enabled more than a million refugees and displaced persons to return to their homes.


Tens of thousands leave Eastern Ghouta malnourished, thirsty and scared

"The needs and numbers of people leaving Ghouta are larger than expected, but we fear the worst is still to come," said NRC's Erik Abild. "People who have fled tell us that there will be many more."

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About 844 million people struggle to obtain water globally

More than 60% of humanity live in areas of water stress, where the supply does not meet demand. If water is not managed better, the crises of today will become the catastrophes of tomorrow.

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