Half a million people in Syria gradually regain access to safe water

Repairs have been made to the Alouk water station, which serves 400,000 Syrians. Generators are now being used to supply water to the population, including displacement camps.

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Syrian refugees fleeing to Iraq as ceasefire about to expire, others are trapped in the country

In the last 24 hours, around 1,736 refugees crossed into Iraq according to Kurdish authorities - the highest number to cross in one day, since the beginning of the military operation.

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Ten African countries endorse cross-border collaboration framework on Ebola outbreak preparedness and response

Setting up a mechanism for cross-border collaboration and the sharing of assets will contribute to the mitigation of suffering and minimize the social and economic impact of disease outbreaks.

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Lack of funding leaves millions of children in conflict and disaster zones at risk

To date, UNICEF has only received about half of the US$4.16 billion needed to meet the basic health, education, nutrition and protection needs of 41 million children this year.

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