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Burundi + 1 other
Chassée de chez elle, une Congolaise victime de viol trouve refuge au Burundi

BUJUMBURA, Burundi, 27 août (HCR) – Il y a quatre mois, Mama Monique * a été traînée hors de sa maison dans l'est de la République démocratique du Congo puis violée par quatre hommes armés qui venaient d'assassiner son mari.

Le crime n'a pas eu lieu dans une région rurale isolée mais à Goma, une ville de plusieurs centaines de milliers d'habitants et capitale de la province du Nord-Kivu. Pourtant, personne n'est venu l'aider ou lui présenter ses condoléances. Au lieu de cela, les voisins l'évitaient et agissaient comme si ce viol était de sa faute.

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Spreading News by Boda Boda: An Innovative Approach to Meeting the Needs of Internally Displaced Persons in Juba, South Sudan

Enough Project

For the 14,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living at Tong Ping Protection of Civilians (POC) site in Juba, news and life-saving information circulates not by television or internet, but by boda boda. Broadcast from speakers attached to the backs of motorcycles, Boda Boda Talk Talk responds to IDP needs and addresses challenges in Tong Ping in an innovative, culturally-relevant manner. The Internews program delivers vital information on food, medical assistance, services for women, education opportunities, and family reunification.

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ALESCO: Illiteracy exceeds 8 million mark in Yemen

Yemen Times

SANA’A, Aug. 27 - There are 8.5 million male and female illiterates in Yemen, which accounts for almost a third of the country’s population of 26 million, according to Dr. Yahya Al-Saidi, manager of the Education Administration at the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (ALECSO).

Al-Saidi said of the 40 million illiterate Arabs, more than 8 million are from Yemen.

Mustafa Al-Saberi, the press secretary for the education minister said that the ministry can neither deny nor confirm the statistics by ALESCO.

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Nicaragua + 1 other
De la marginalidad a la creatividad

El vertedero de La Chureca en Nicaragua se clausuró oficialmente el año pasado con el apoyo de la Cooperación Española

Las mujeres del vertedero han dejado la pobreza creando bisutería con papel reciclado

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Uttar Pradesh Floods Joint Rapid Needs Assessment Report

Sphere India
  1. Executive Summary

The eastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh is facing severe floods. Due to regular rainfall and the occasional discharge of water from the Nepal side of the border, all major rivers in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh have been flooded. The main rivers affecting the population are the Sharada, Ghaghara, Sarayu, Rapti. Most rivers are displaying erratic trends (irregular rise and fall), eroding the banks (esp. Ghagra River) with devastating effects for local villages and causing widespread damage to property.

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The Effects of Drought in La Guajira

The prolonged drought in the Department of La Guajira in recent years has exacerbated the levels of undernutrition within the population, including children under 5 years of age. La Guajira is currently on alert due to the prevalent effects of food scarcity, lack of water and livelihoods insecurity. The World Food Programme (WFP) offers its support to the Government of Colombia.

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Security Council, unanimously adopting Resolution 2173 (2014), renews mandate of African Union-United Nations hybrid operation in Darfur (SC/11536)

Security Council

7250th Meeting (AM)

Text Calls for Realigning Mission’s Activities, Improved Protection of Civilians, Humanitarian Aid Workers

The Security Council this morning extended the mandate of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) for 10 months, until 30 June 2015, while it requested further realignment of the mission’s activities in accordance with recent strategic reviews.

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HIV Groups in Kenyan Slum Organize Self-Help

Voice of America

Lenny Ruvaga

NAIROBI—Kenyans living with HIV or AIDS in Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum, are finding support groups essential to coping with the health, economic and social challenges they face.

Peter Oduor is a teacher at Kibera’s Tumaini primary school. Five years ago, he tested positive for HIV. He believes most of the slum's residents are susceptible to the virus because of poverty.

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IOM Libya Updated Situation Report Vol. 4/2014 (as of August 24th, 2014)

Context Analysis

International Organization for Migration:

Copyright © IOM. All rights reserved.

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Lebanon + 1 other
Lebanon plans law to stem growing child marriage trend

08/28/2014 03:21 GMT

BAALBEK, August 28, 2014 (AFP) - At 13, Samiha left school and the home she shared with 10 people near Baalbek in eastern Lebanon to live in a tent with her new husband, a 41-year-old tradesman.

"I didn't feel anything, I didn't have a choice," she said of the marriage, arranged by her father.

"The first night, when I followed him into the bedroom, I was terrified. I couldn't move."

That night, without knowing anything about sex, she fell pregnant.

Agence France-Presse:

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Australia + 3 others
Iraqi Christians, Yazidi refugees fleeing Islamic State for Australia may miss out on visas

By social affairs correspondent Norman Hermant

As hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians and Yazidi refugees flee Islamic State (IS) militants, family members living in Australia are hoping to secure special humanitarian visas for their loved ones.

But groups representing the communities say the 4,000 places freed up by the Government are far too few.

In a bare apartment in western Sydney, the distinctive sound of Kurdish drifts out into the top floor hallway.

A Yazidi man is on his daily video call with his wife, now a refugee in Turkey.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 27 August 2014, 08:00 hrs)


  • An open-ended ceasefire brokered by the Egyptian government and agreed by the armed groups in Gaza, the Palestinian Authority and Israel entered into force yesterday at 19:00.

  • The Palestinian fatality toll has reached 2,104 of whom 1,462 have been identified as civilians, including 495 children, according to preliminary assessments.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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IOM Iraq Crisis Response Situation Report #7: Daily Update for 26 August

Displacement Updates

In the northern governorates, armed clashes led to the displacement of 1,760 families in Salah Al-Din, an area already suffering from a lack of fuel, food and electricity. An additional 278 families have been displaced due to violence in areas within Ninewa. They are seeking refuge in the recently abandoned houses of families recently displaced from Mosul.

International Organization for Migration:

Copyright © IOM. All rights reserved.

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Burundi + 1 other
Hounded from home, raped Congolese woman seeks refuge in Burundi

BUJUMBURA, Burundi, August 27 (UNHCR) – Four months ago, Mama Monique* was dragged out of her home in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and raped by four armed men, who had just murdered her husband.

The crime was not carried out in some rural backwater, but in Goma, a city of several hundred thousand people and capital of North Kivu province. Yet nobody came to help her or offer condolences, instead neighbours shunned the 49-year-old Congolese businesswoman and acted as though she was to blame for the rape.

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Haiti + 1 other
Le Canada contribue à accroître la sécurité alimentaire et à promouvoir la santé publique en Haïti

Le secrétaire parlementaire Paul Calandra participe à un événement destiné à mettre en lumière un partenariat avec l’Université Laval qui accroît la sécurité alimentaire et améliore la santé des familles haïtiennes

Le 27 août 2014 – Port-au-Prince, Haïti – Affaires étrangères, Commerce et Développement Canada

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Planning for government adoption of a social protection programme in an insecure environment: the Child Grant Development Programme in northern Nigeria

Cash transfer programming (CTP) is increasingly used in West Africa in response to food and nutritional crisis. Beyond emergency situations, cash transfer mechanisms are key mechanisms for national social protection strategies and policies.

Despite the rapid development of social protection programmes, and the partnerships established with national institutions for the implementation of such interventions, few studies aimed at examining operational progress and challenges of implementing cash-based social protection interventions in Nigeria have been conducted.

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Iraq + 1 other
New UK aid package for Iraq focuses on vulnerable women and children

Justine Greening travelled to Iraq to see first-hand how UK support is helping people affected by the fighting

Britain is assisting desperate Iraqi civilians, including the most vulnerable women and children, with an additional £10 million of emergency humanitarian relief, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced today during a visit to northern Iraq.