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La consolidación de la paz inmediatamente después de los conflictos (A/69/399–S/2014/694)

Asamblea General Consejo de Seguridad Sexagésimo noveno período de sesiones Temas 27, 29, 109, 115 y 120 del programa

Adelanto de la mujer

Informe de la Comisión de Consolidación de la Paz

Informe del Secretario General sobre el Fondo para la Consolidación de la Paz

Seguimiento de los resultados de la Cumbre del Milenio Fortalecimiento del sistema de las Naciones Unidas

Informe del Secretario General

I. Introducción

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En la campaña para poner fin a la polio se han evitado 10 millones de discapacidades infantiles

NUEVA YORK, 23 de octubre de 2014 – Todos los días, alrededor de 1.000 niños han sido protegidos contra la discapacidad como consecuencia de un esfuerzo mundial de 26 años para erradicar la poliomielitis. La campaña mundial ha servido para inmunizar a millones de niños de todo el mundo que antes no recibían la vacuna, dijo UNICEF en la víspera del Día Mundial de la Poliomielitis.

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Protection of Refugee Children: In the Middle East and North Africa

Refugee children in the region suffer immensely as a result of conflict and displacement. The number of refugees has doubled in the last four years and more than half are children.

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UNFPA and Amref Health Africa seal Partnership to Boost the Health of Africa’s Women and Children

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) today reaffirmed its commitment to a partnership with Amref Health Africa aimed at improving the health of women and children in Africa.

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Gender matters: overcoming gender-related barriers to prevent new HIV infections among children and keep their mothers alive


The evidence

Approximately 660 children globally are estimated to acquire HIV every day, mostly during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding (1). If pregnant women living with HIV and their children both have timely and continued access to antiretroviral medicines, it is possible to reduce new HIV infections among children to less than 5% (2). Furthermore, enrolment in services to prevent new HIV infections among children is increasingly being seen as an opportunity to enable women to access HIV treatment and care for their own health and well-being (3).

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Ten million childhood disabilities prevented in campaign to end polio – UNICEF

NEW YORK, 23 October 2014 – Every day, a thousand or so children have been protected from disability during a 26-year global effort to eradicate polio. The worldwide campaign has immunised millions of previously-unreached children across the globe, UNICEF said on the eve of World Polio Day.

Some 10 million people today would otherwise have been paralysed, while an additional 1.5 million lives have been saved through the routine administration of Vitamin A during polio vaccination drives.

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Promotion and protection of human rights, including ways and means to promote the human rights of migrants (A/69/277)

Sixty-ninth session
Item 69 (b) of the provisional agenda*
Promotion and protection of human rights: human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms

Report of the Secretary-General


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Overlooked Among 50 Million Displaced Worldwide, Women and Girls Lose Out

Mass displacement has become a significant feature of recent conflicts, as the number of people forced to flee their homes has passed 50 million worldwide, a level not seen since World War II. This is one of the reasons why the UN Security Council will focus on women refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) during its annual open debate on women, peace, and security on October 28, according to Elizabeth Cafferty, senior advocacy officer at the Women's Refugee Commission.

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Access to justice is key to advancing individual and collective human rights for indigenous women and girls

UN Women

Date : 20 October 2014

(New York) — To present best practices from across Latin America regarding indigenous women’s rights and access to justice, country representatives from Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala took part in a side event during the Third Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly. It followed an interactive dialogue led by the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz.

“For indigenous women, the justice process is not quick, effective, nor fair,” said Ms. Tauli-Corpuz.

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José Graziano da Silva: La agricultura familiar: alimentar al mundo

Columna de opinión: por José Graziano da Silva, Director General de la FAO.

La lucha contra el hambre sigue adelante en todo el mundo, pero con unos 805 millones de personas que todavía no tienen suficiente para comer, todavía queda mucho por hacer.

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Six reasons why EU leaders must not cut aid


The European Union’s development and humanitarian aid programmes are suffering a cash crisis in 2014 and risk severe cuts in the 2015 EU budget negotiations.

CONCORD, the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs, encourages European leaders to have a re-think and realize the value of EU development and humanitarian aid. We want the European Parliament and Member States to reaffirm their support for both EU humanitarian and development aid through passing a robust budget for 2015 which allows for timely and predictable funding.

Six reasons:

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Migrant detention "abuse" can scar children for life


BANGKOK, 21 October 2014 (IRIN) - An increasing number of migrant children are being detained in countries where they are seeking asylum despite a growing body of scientific evidence that such incarceration leads to long-term psychological and developmental difficulties.


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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 15 - 21 October

The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.

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USAID announces new efforts to fight global poverty through education

Two New Basic Education Awards Will Help Provide a Pathway Out of Extreme Poverty for Children and Youth

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 20, 2014
USAID Press Office
Telephone: +1.202.712.4320 | Email: | Twitter: @USAIDPress

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UN Women Annual Report 2013-2014

UN Women

UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.

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Imploring States to Uproot Violence, Exploitation, Online Predators, Speakers Tell Third Committee Children Deserve Childhoods


Delegates Highlight Protecting Youngest Generation, Conclude Debate on Women’s Advancement

Sixty-ninth session,
16th, 17th & 18th Meetings (AM & PM)

Violence against society’s most vulnerable, in all its forms, needed to be uprooted and eradicated in order to pave a sure path towards sustainable development, the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) heard today as it continued its debate on the rights of children, and concluded its consideration of the advancement of women.

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On international Day, Ban declares eradication of poverty a 'most fundamental obligation'

UN News Service

17 October 2014 – Amid pronounced increases in global inequality, the United Nations marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty today with calls to accelerate efforts in eliminating poverty in all its forms.