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23 Apr 2015 description
report UN Population Fund

For the last two weeks the Government of Rwanda has been receiving asylum seekers from neighboring Burundi.

“I am very happy to receive this donation. I was very worried about basic needs for expecting and new mothers,” said Ms Cesarie Mukamukama, an employee of the African Humanitarian action and health supervisor of the reception camp. She revealed that there are over two hundred pregnant women in the camp and that seven babies had been born to asylum seekers in the last two weeks.

15 Apr 2015 description

Cette semaine marque le 21ème anniversaire du début du génocide au Rwanda qui a fait 800 000 morts en 100 jours. Le PAM se souvient des victimes de cet évènement historique terrible et jette un regard sur la façon dont l'histoire du Rwanda a façonné le pays tel qu'il est aujourd'hui.

1 . Le Rwanda est classé 151° (sur 187 pays) pour l'Indice de Développement Humain.

2 . Le PAM est présent au Rwanda depuis 1972, année où l'agence a fourni une aide alimentaire aux personnes touchées par les mauvaises récoltes.

12 Apr 2015 description

By Alexandra Murdoch

This week marks 21 years since the start of the 100 day genocide in Rwanda that resulted in a reported 800,000 deaths. WFP remembers the victims of this horrifying historical event and takes a look at how Rwanda’s history has shaped the country it is today.

Rwanda ranks 151 (out of 187 countries) on the Human Development Index.

WFP has been working in Rwanda since 1972, when the agency provided food assistance to those affected by the country’s 1970s crop failures.

10 Apr 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

Kigali, 02 April 2015 – The Government of Japan has reached an agreement with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to provide funds of USD 1.3 m for the refugee children - in increasing access to basic social services including child protection, early childhood development and education needs. The project will be undertaken under the leadership of the Government of Rwanda in close coordination with UNHCR and partners.

04 Apr 2015 description

The Government of Rwanda has made achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) central to its policy framework, as defined in the long term development agenda, the Vision 2020, as well as the medium term strategies, EDPRS1 and EDPRS 2. The overriding long-term national development objective is to transform Rwanda into a middle-income country by 2020.

20 Mar 2015 description


WFP’s vision is to make Rwanda a food secure country where people are well nourished, able to develop to their full potential, living in resilient communities and sustainably maintained by effective institutions at all levels. This will be realized through enhancing national capacity to develop, design and manage nationally owned hunger solutions. WFP also plans to model innovations in food assistance programming, as well as to continue its humanitarian support to populations affected by crises.

13 Jan 2015 description


WFP is currently assisting 73,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in five refugee camps in Rwanda. There were two major arrivals. The majority fled from conflict in the eastern DRC in 1995-1996. A further 30,000 escaped from increasing insecurity during 2012 and 2013.

22 Dec 2014 description
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February 2015 Summary


By 2020 Rwanda aims to complete its transformation from a poor, post-conflict nation to a thriving, middle income, regional trade and investment hub. But Rwanda’s progress will stall without transformative changes that: create wealth and investment and invigorate the private sector, improve basic services, increase the accountability of the state to its people, and address potential causes of conflict and fragility, including regional instability.

16 Dec 2014 description

Howard G Buffet pledges to help Congolese refugees repatriate currently living the country’s camps repatriate.

Buffett made the pledge on Monday December 15, 2014 at Gihembe Refugee Camp in Gicumbi District where he landed after an aerial visit to various refugee camps in the country.

Howard Buffet get out of plane as he visit Gihembe camp

“I have seen that they have some basic infrastructure like water and schools, but when people are not in their homes they do not feel comfortable,” Buffett said.

01 Sep 2014 description

Simon Singirankabo, returned from DRC, East Kasai in August 2013. He had fled the country at a young age in 1994 during the Genocide against Tutsis, thus he owned no properties. Then, when he returned in August 2013, he joined his parents and currently with all his two wives and 11 children live in Rusizi District in Mururu Sector in Gahinga cell,

A year, after his repatriation, Singirankabo enjoys life on the mother land, in spite of several challenges he is still facing to cater for the needs of such a gigantic family. He earns his living from cultivating to neighbors.

26 Aug 2014 description

Fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has resulted in more than 76,000 people seeking refuge in Rwanda. In Gihembe camp, Northern Province, where WFP and its partners are providing assistance to more than 14,500 people, a new cash programme is improving the dietary diversity of the refugees as well as empowering them by giving them the ability to decide for themselves what they eat.

06 Aug 2014 description

KIGALI, August 6, 2014—The World Bank Group and the Government of Rwanda today signed a financial agreement of US$15 million to provide community and health services for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) by expanding the Isange One Stop Centers while promoting gender equality, behavioral change and violence prevention in Rwanda.

11 Jul 2014 description
report Inter Press Service

By Amy Fallon

IGALI, Jul 11 2014 (IPS) - Every day, 14-year-old Deborah wakes up in an orphanage, goes to school, and comes home to an orphanage. It does not matter when or for how long she leaves the orphanage, she always knows she’ll be back.

“This is where I live, this is my home,” says the teen, sitting at a wooden desk with other children at the Gisimba Memorial Centre orphanage. She has been intensely colouring in a nativity scene of one famous family – Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

08 Jul 2014 description

Kigali / Geneva (ICRC) – Eleven Rwandan children have been repatriated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to Rwanda, where they were reunited with their families. Scattered by the violence that has gripped the region for several years, the families were at last reunited thanks to the efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to trace the children’s relatives. This hard work is paying off; 50 Rwandan children have now been reunited with their families since the beginning of the year.

08 Jul 2014 description

Genève / Kigali (CICR) – Quatorze enfants de nationalité rwandaise ont été rapatriés depuis la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) vers le Rwanda, où ils ont retrouvé leur famille. Dispersées par la violence et les conflits qui secouent la région depuis plusieurs années, ces familles sont enfin réunies grâce au travail de recherche que le CICR a déployé pour retrouver les proches de ces enfants. Un travail qui porte ses fruits, puisque 50 enfants rwandais ont ainsi rejoint leur famille depuis le début de l’année.

17 Jun 2014 description

Basic provisions in schools increase attendance

Rwanda has made great strides in expanding access to education. Enrollment is up, repetition and dropout rates are down, and more children are finishing primary school.

Thanks to Rwanda's award-winning Nine Year Basic Education program, six years of primary and three years of secondary education are free and compulsory for all Rwandans. What’s more, in January 2014, UNESCO placed Rwanda in the top three countries for reducing out-of-school youth.

12 Jun 2014 description

Patients at Gasiza Health Post in Rwanda have seen great improvements to the health centre’s facilities following a scoring process of the post’s service delivery.

05.06.2014 | Tine Solberg Johansen

Gasiza Health Post offers medical services to more than 5000 people from several villages. As part of the PPIMA II Project the citizens were asked to rate the most pressing issues in their community. The project revealed poor service, at times even life threatening, at the health post.

06 Jun 2014 description

The Government in partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has embarked on enhancing refugee camps management by establishing multifunctional building commonly known as TURI KUMWE CENTER (We are together).

Recently on June 3, 2014 this center was inaugurated in Nyabiheke refugee camp, Gatsibo District, and on Kigeme refugee camp, Nyamagabe District on Thursday June 5, 2014.

Dubbed TURI KUMWE CENTER, the building has a police post, migration office, office for Disaster management and Refugees Affairs ministry and.

28 May 2014 description

The Ministry for Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) launched the “1,000-Days in the Thousands Hills” nutrition campaign in refugee camps. The official launch was held in Kiziba camp in Karongi District in the Western province.

The introduction of nutrition campaign in refugee camps is in accordance with the community based integrated approach introduced by MIDIMAR for all services involved in refugee affairs.

22 May 2014 description

Over 7,000 refugees from the Democratic of Congo (DRC) have seen their living conditions improve after staying in the Nkamira transit centre for the last two years. In April, they moved to Mugombwa camp in Southern Rwanda and although they remain dependent on WFP food assistance their life has got better.