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Kenyan governors, partners commit to reduce high rate of maternal death

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Key governors committed to take action to reduce Kenya’s high maternal death rate at a UNFPA-organized meeting held this week in Nairobi.

The event brought together over 200 officials to address Kenya’s persistently high rate of maternal mortality, which is among the highest in the world.

Estimates range from 360 deaths per 100,000 births, according to the 2013 State of the World Population report , to a staggering 488 deaths, according figures from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and the firm ICF Macro.

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One School Can Make a Difference

In Kenya, Food for the Hungry (FH) worked to help build a school. While education helps a child’s future, it does so much for them today as well.

The Lakartinya School is making a huge impact in children’s lives. Here are some ways children are being supported.

Giving Girls a Chance

Many times, boys are favored over girls for receiving an education in Kenya. When FH works with a community, it also works with parents. Now, parents living in the communities near the Lakartinya school understand the importance of education for both boys and girls.

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HIV Groups in Kenyan Slum Organize Self-Help

Voice of America

Lenny Ruvaga

NAIROBI—Kenyans living with HIV or AIDS in Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum, are finding support groups essential to coping with the health, economic and social challenges they face.

Peter Oduor is a teacher at Kibera’s Tumaini primary school. Five years ago, he tested positive for HIV. He believes most of the slum's residents are susceptible to the virus because of poverty.

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Victims of Mpeketoni raids facing starvation

In Summary

  • “We are sometimes forced to spend more than six hours walking to the hospital. This is a big blow to us,” said an IDP at Mavuno-Poromoko camp, Peter Katithya.
  • He said the IDPs are required to pay Sh5 for a 20-litre jerrycan to the owners of the boreholes, a fee that they can ill afford.
  • The survivors arrived at the camp following the June-July attacks in Lamu that left at least 90 people dead.


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Canada Helping Children in Remote Regions of Kenya Access Quality Education

Canada’s support to UNICEF will help provide more children with specialized teachers, safe schools, and more effective delivery of education in remote communities

August 21, 2014 – Toronto, Ontario – Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

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Kenya ranked fourth in HIV infections

In Summary

  • The report proposes several measures including Voluntary Male Circumcision, Antiretroviral Therapy, sustained behaviour change and condom distribution in the war against HIV and other STIs.
  • A new report, ‘The National HIV and Aids Estimates’, launched Wednesday by Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia says there are at least 100,000 new infections in Kenya annually.



Kenya has the fourth highest number of Aids infections in the world.

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UNHCR Operational Update Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya 1-15 August 2014


  • A ‘Go and See Visit’ to Kismayo, Somalia, took place from 4th to 8th August. The visit enabled 19 refugee representatives from the five Dadaab camps to inform themselves about the economic and socio-political realities in Kismayo. Upon their return, the refugee delegates shared their experiences with the camp residents through radio talk shows and meetings.

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Kenya: Civil Unrest appeal n°: MDRKE029 Operations Update n° 1


Summary: On 15 June 2014, heavily armed gunmen attacked Mpeketoni; a small town located about 40km off the Indian Ocean coastline in Lamu County in Kenya. The gunmen attacked business premises, setting on fire commercial premises including banks, hotels, a restaurant, and a petrol station. The gunmen also set on fire motor vehicles, tractors and residential houses well. During the first attack 49 lives were lost, and follow up attacks occurred on 16 June 2014 in Mporomoko village, 18km from the Mpeketoni town which left 9 more persons dead.

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Children need anti-retroviral drugs most, says report

In Summary

  • Health ministry says children are in the greatest need for anti-retroviral treatment.
  • A report says 760,000 children with the virus need treatment most as their immunity is weak.

Children are in the greatest need for anti-retroviral treatment, according to the Health ministry.

A report, to be released on Wednesday by the Aids control council, says 760,000 children with the virus need treatment most as their immunity is weak.

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Kakuma Operational Update 14th – 20th August 2014


  • As at 20th August 2014, Kakuma had received 42,228 asylum seekers from South Sudan. This brings the total camp population to 177,670. Out of this figure, 171,807 had been registered by UNHCR and DRA as at 18th August 2014.

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Kenya’s Own ‘Erin Brokovich’ Changes Lives of Girl Survivors of Sexual Abuse

By Adam Bemma

MERU, Kenya, Aug 11 2014 (IPS) - Surrounded by endless rows of green tea plants, Mary carefully picked a leaf and placed it into a basket next to her. It seemed like an ordinary day at work for the 13-year-old girl from Meru, in central Kenya. After work she escaped to the adjacent farm for privacy, but was instead attacked and raped by a middle aged man.

“My grandmother took me to the police to make a report, but they didn’t arrest him. I was told he bribed the police,” Mary* tells IPS as her 11-month-old baby girl sits on her lap.

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HealthRight Funded to Integrate Family Planning into Kenya Programs

In March of this year, HealthRight was awarded nearly $500,000 from Advancing Partners and Communities (APC) to integrate family planning activities into Kenya’s program to improve maternal and neonatal health. In Marakwet, Kenya, only 35% of women of reproductive age use a modern method of family planning and many have inaccurate information about the benefits of healthy birth spacing.

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Kakuma Operational Update 7th – 13th August 2014


  • As at 13th August 2014, Kakuma had received 41,890 asylum seekers from South Sudan. This brings the total camp population to 177,330. Out of this figure, 170,591 had been registered by UNHCR and DRA as at 8 th August 2014.

  • 122 urban refugees were received in the past week, bringing the total number received in Kakuma by DRA to 5,980 as at 13th August 2014.

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Nyeri Kieni Sub-County Drought Monthly Bulletin for July 2014

Situation Overview

  • The month of July was generally dry and windy. Light showers were realized in some parts of the Kieni Sub County which had no significant impact on both crops and livestock production.
    On average, 39.95 mm of rainfall were realized during the month.

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Mwingi County Drought Monthly Bulletin for July 2014

Situation overview

  • No rainfall was reported in July.

  • The condition of natural vegetation and pasture is fair in quality and quantity across all livelihood zones with a deteriorating trend with the exception of Tseikuru and Tharaka wards which have poor pasture and browse conditions.

  • Market prices of major food commodities declined in July compared to last month.

  • Livestock body condition is fair for all the species with the exception of Tharaka ward where the body condition is poor for large species.

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Tana River County Drought Monthly Bulletin for July 2014

Situation Overview

  • The long dry spell has started and some areas have started experiencing water stress. Temperatures ranging between 25°C to 31°C.

  • The pasture and browse condition is currently fair in both Pastoral and marginal mixed livelihood zones but better in mixed livelihood zones. Pasture and browse is expected to change as the long rains season is coming to an end and the amount of rainfall has drastically reduced in all livelihood zones.

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Tharaka County Drought Monthly Bulletin for July 2014

Situation Overview:

  • Dry weather continued in most parts of the county similar to previous month with cool temperature and dusty conditions prevailing in the entire month of July.

  • As a result of continued dry spell in the last five dekads, the satellite-derived Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) depicted significantly below average vegetation conditions compared to the 2001 to 2010 mean.