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Mobile medical units being sent to help flood victims and promote disease prevention

BANGKOK, 24 July 2014 (NNT) -The Ministry of Public Health has ordered provincial public health offices in flood hit areas to send out mobile medical units to give assistance to victims until the current flooding situation is resolved. No epidemics have been reported, however, members of the public are advised to take care of their health and prevent possible outbreaks.

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UNICEF-Sierra Leone Ebola Virus Disease Weekly update of 27th July 2014


  • The cumulative number of Laboratory confirmed cases are 458 whiles confirmed death is 153 with a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) based on confirmed cases of 33.4% (26/07/14).

  • Eighty two (82) patients are currently admitted at the Kailahun and Kenema Isolation Units with cumulative discharges of 116.

  • Total number of contacts listed is 1435: Kailahun (728), Kenema (449), Port Loko (52), Kambia (10), Bo (79), Bombali (24), Bonthe (21) and Western Area (72). 547 have completed 21 days and are dropped off from follow up.

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Mexico, California question Texas border troop plan

07/29/2014 02:45 GMT

MEXICO CITY, July 29, 2014 (AFP) - Mexico's foreign minister and the visiting governor of California questioned Monday plans by Texas to deploy troops to stem the flow of immigrant children, saying they need humanitarian aid instead.

Governor Jerry Brown, on a visit focused on boosting trade with California's southern neighbor, said the Texas plan must be a short-term measure and that he hopes "wiser minds will prevail over the next several months."

Agence France-Presse:

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More Positive Stories Needed: HIV in Countries with Low ARV Therapy Coverage

By Cecilia Ferreyra, MSF HIV & TB Technical Advisor

More than 24 million people living with HIV; 9 million people on antiretroviral treatment (ART); 1.5 million new infections; 1.1 million deaths from AIDS-related causes. These are some of the data just released by UNAIDS on HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa in 2013, by far the area of ​​the world hardest-hit by the virus. But, in this broad area covering nearly the entire continent, we see very different realities.

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MSF Vaccinates 38,000 Children Against Measles in Minova

Last week, the emergency unit of Doctors Without Borders Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in South Kivu ended a measles vaccination campaign in the district of Minova after reaching nearly 38,000 children and young people between 6 months to 15 years of age. The vaccination campaign in different parts of eastern DRC now continues in the neighboring district of Kalonge.

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Child death toll in Gaza approaches 200 and rising

Ramallah, July 28, 2014—The child death toll in Gaza approached 200 this week in ongoing Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, despite intensified efforts from the US and the UN to reach a ceasefire. The deaths come as each side unilaterally announced a series of humanitarian ceasefires over the weekend, all of which have been punctuated by intermittent violence.

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Treating Cerebral Palsy in Developing Countries

Cerebral palsy is one of the most common health conditions Handicap International sees in babies and young children around the world. The Center for Disease Control estimates that about 1 in every 323 children has cerebral palsy.

This congenital disorder usually results from brain damage that occurs before or at birth or within the first few years of a child’s life. Symptoms vary but may include poor muscle tone, stiff muscles, uncontrolled movements, poor motor skills, and sensory problems. About a third of cases involve cognitive difficulties or epilepsy.

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UNICEF on Gaza: Using or attacking school premises is unacceptable

Statement about attack on an UNRWA school in Gaza by Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa

AMMAN, 25 July 2014 – "Yesterday’s attack on Beit Hanoun Elementary Co-Ed A and D School – the third school hit this week – is proof that much more needs to be done to protect innocent children.

"Using or attacking school premises where children have taken refuge from the violence is unacceptable under any circumstances.

"UNICEF calls on parties to the conflict to respect the sanctity of children and schools.

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No safe place for children in Gaza

By Catherine Weibel

GAZA, State of Palestine, 28 July 2014 – As the hostilities enter their twenty-first day, the number of children dying is growing. More than 1,000 Palestinians have been reported killed so far, of whom around 230 were children – more than 10 a day. The youngest child killed was only 3 months old.

Nearly 2,000 children have been injured in the narrow coastal enclave, where half the population is under 18.

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Gaza conflict update: 'People are in desperate need'


After an initial truce of twelve hours that was declared on Saturday 26 July, the situation in Gaza remains highly volatile with continuous attacks in both directions. According to UN sources, over 1,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died since the beginning of the conflict. On the Israeli side, 46 people, three of them civilians, have lost their lives. More than 200,000 people in Gaza have sought refuge in UN buildings.

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Working under fire in Gaza

Intense shelling resumed in Gaza on Monday night, but before the bombs began to fall Save the Children were able to distribute vital medical supplies to civilians in Gaza. Save the Children staff are on the ground doing whatever it takes. The challenge is enormous and our staff are putting themselves in danger to help save children in Gaza, but so far our staff have been able to:

  • Distribute medical supplies, packages and disposables from our pre-positioned stocks to our Health Partner Ahli Arab hospital of remaining

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Rocket attack kills girl in Egypt's Sinai: security

07/29/2014 00:02 GMT

CAIRO, July 29, 2014 (AFP) - A nine-year-old girl was killed on Monday when a rocket hit the ground outside a house in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, in an apparent attack targeting soldiers, security officials said.

Another girl, 10, was wounded in the blast south of the town of Sheikh Zuwaid in northern Sinai.

The rocket was apparently targeting a security patrol that was passing through the area, security officials said.

Agence France-Presse:

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Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 28 July 2014, 1500 hrs)


• Following a significant decline in hostilities overnight rocket firing from Gaza and Israeli strikes at targets in Gaza resumed today.

• 74 Palestinians, including 10 children and six women, are reported to have been killed, or their bodies identified, in the last 24 hours.

• Approximately 180,000 persons, almost ten per cent of the population of Gaza, are now taking shelter in UNRWA schools, compounding overcrowding and raising health concerns.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Helping more Haitian mothers and babies survive childbirth

f you can get more pregnant women to come in for prenatal visits and to give birth at a clinic, more women and their babies will survive childbirth and the vulnerable days following a baby’s entry into the world.

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New vaccines for India’s children: A promise fulfilled

On July 3, 2014, the Prime Minister of India announced that three new vaccines, including an indigenously developed rotavirus vaccine, would be provided to all children in India. The other two vaccines are the inactivated polio vaccine and the rubella vaccine. With this announcement by the Prime Minister, a ray of hope shines bright for children who have been affected by rotavirus diarrhea, estimated at around 1 million hospitalizations annually in the country.

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Statement by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, on the first-ever World Day against Trafficking in Persons, 30 July 2014

28 July 2014

The trade in and exploitation of human beings through trafficking is one of the gravest violations of human dignity that exist. The purposes of trafficking in persons range from forced and bonded labour to various forms of sexual exploitation, forced marriages, removal of organs and other contemporary practices similar to slavery.

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Ukraine Humanitarian Situation Report #14 - 25 July 2014


  • UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine are jointly developing a school-based mine awareness education campaign to be launched from 1 September. The urgency for the campaign was underscored by 20 July mine explosion in Lysichansk town, Luhansk oblast, which severely wounded two children, of which one later died in hospital. Unexploded ordinances (UXOs) and unmapped mines continue to endanger children’s lives.

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CWS Expanded Appeal: Unaccompanied Children Crisis

Appeal Code: 76-628-B Revised Appeal Goal: $309,818



As noted in our original July 17, 2014, appeal, the situation of unaccompanied children fleeing violence in Central America and seeking safety in the United States has become dire, requiring a robust humanitarian response.

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Displaced Pakistani families find warm welcome in neighbouring Afghanistan

GULAN CAMP, Afghanistan, July 28 (UNHCR) – She walked for three days and three nights. Her daughters-in-law have boils and calluses on their feet from the long trek and are relieved to be treated in the camp clinic. Gul lifts her salwar – loose pleated trousers – to show a scar forming on her heel and says, "at least I am alive. My children and grandchildren are alive and we are safe."