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27 Mar 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


• Following the release of 654 children formerly associated with the Cobra Faction in Lekuangole, part of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, the total number of released children is now 1,314. Released boys, and now three girls, continue to receive interim care, psychosocial support and family tracing services. Community-based monitoring systems are in place to provide family tracing and post-reunification support for around 200 children who have now returned home; as well as to identify, and help prevent, possible future re-recruitment.

26 Mar 2015 description

Torit, 26 March—UNMISS today trained about forty new Rwandan peacekeepers in Torit on protection of children and armed conflict.

UNMISS Child Protection Unit’s says the course is part of efforts to increase awareness and highlight peacekeepers’ role in the protection of children in armed conflict and crisis situations.

“The idea is to help the troops [peacekeepers] understand the risks children face in conflict and how they can help the children when necessary,” said Child Protection Officer Amos Cassel.

26 Mar 2015 description

JUBA - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a US$4.2 million contribution from the Government of Japan to support both its emergency response in South Sudan, and its United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) in the country.

This contribution is part of the US$88 million Japan pledged at the High Level Event on the Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan held in Nairobi last month.

25 Mar 2015 description


  • The humanitarian situation remains fluid and unpredictable with the health response concentrated in the Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites.

  • WHO has updated its mass casualty plan and prepositioned trauma kits and emergency medicines in light of continued fighting in Bentiu, Unity State.

  • WHO and health partners immunised more than 2.4 million children under-5 years in the seven stable states with the oral polio vaccine (OPV) in the first round of National Immunisation Days (NID).

25 Mar 2015 description

"What is science?" the teacher asks. In front of him there are about 40 teenagers dressed in light purple school uniforms. "It’s the study of living and not living things. How do you recognise a living thing?"

Faiza raises her hand. "A living thing can move from one place to another," she says in a clear voice. "Very good," the teacher makes a note on the board while the students applaud.

25 Mar 2015 description

1. Executive Summary

The Kenya refugee operation is often cited as an example of a protracted refugee situation with traditional refugee camps in place for the past 20 or so years. In the last four years, however, the operation has been anything but static in responding to two major influxes from neighbouring countries while undergoing a transition in terms of partnerships and innovations in assistance delivery.

25 Mar 2015 description

Students in a South Sudanese refugee camp embrace education

(LWI) – “I came here to learn”. 18-year-old Mobarak Habil Ibrahim introduces himself. He fled the conflict in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, and left his parents. His temporary home is Ajuong Thok refugee camp in South Sudan.

25 Mar 2015 description

Teaching in the Global Village

(LWI) - “In most cases the mouse is green and the keyboard purple,” the teacher explains. 27 men and women stretch their necks and inspect the back frame of their PCs to find the connector ports the young woman in front of them is talking about. It’s the first class of the “Informatics, Computer and Technology” (ICT) project at Ajuong Thok refugee camp.

25 Mar 2015 description

LWF Installs Solar Pumps to Improve Water Supply

(LWI) – Without water, the classrooms in Ayilo refugee camp remain empty. The simple equation is explained by the headmaster of Ayilo2A primary school in Adjumani district, Uganda.

25 Mar 2015 description

Ganyiel, South Sudan | | Wednesday 3/25/2015 - 05:33 GMT

by Waakhe Simon Wudu

Tepisha Nyakwach, aged 33 and a mother of five, has an idea on how to end South Sudan's seemingly intractable civil war: let the country's two main rivals fight it out one-on-one.

Although wishful thinking, her idea does reflect a sentiment among many citizens that they are the ones paying the price of a personal feud. They have also given up hope of seeing diplomacy yield a peace deal.

25 Mar 2015 description
report Voice of America

Charlton Doki
Last updated on: March 24, 2015 1:15 PM

JUBA— Seven people were killed and a teenage boy was wounded when a container filled with ammunition exploded in a South Sudanese village, an international aid official said Tuesday.

The deadly explosion occurred in the village of Gayiel near Thar Jaath, in Unity state, on Friday.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said the container held ordnance left over from heavy fighting between government and rebel forces in Unity state last year.

25 Mar 2015 description
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Press release

On Wednesday 25th March, the UN Security Council (UNSC) will hold an Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict, which will take place under the presidency of France. The theme of the Open Debate will focus on child victims of non-state armed actors (ANSAs). This will be the first Open Debate to focus on actions and tools Member States may constructively use to end and prevent grave violations against children by ANSAs.

24 Mar 2015 description

20 March 2015 - As part of nationwide efforts to ensure that children forced out of school by conflict to get back to their education, partners today launched the “Back to Learning” campaign in the Upper Nile State capital Malakal.

“The campaign reaffirms the commitment of the government to provide education to all her citizens,” said State Minister of Education, William Pur Tut.

He noted that the introduction of the campaign was meant to encourage every child to pick pens and book and get back to class, and to encourage the teachers to continue to teach.”

24 Mar 2015 description

Snapshot 18-24 March 2015

Syria: The Government carried out over 10,000 airstrikes between October and March, dropping more than 5,300 barrel bombs and killing almost 2,200 civilians. A chlorine attack on 16 March in Idleb killed six people.

24 Mar 2015 description

Humanitarian needs remain high as peace remains elusive

24 Mar 2015 description

Key Messages

  • The situation in South Sudan remains among the world's biggest humanitarian crises since the outbreak of civil war in December 2013.
    Over 2 million people have fled their homes, including over half a million who have sought refuge in neighboring countries (70% of them are children). At the same time, the country hosts around a quarter of a million refugees, mainly from Sudan. South Sudan continues to face a food security crisis. The UN estimates that 2.5 million people face food insecurity.

24 Mar 2015 description

General Overview

  • Completeness for weekly reporting in week 11 of 2015 was 89% compared to 67% for the corresponding week of 2014.

  • ARI, malaria, AWD, ABD and suspect measles are the top causes of morbidity among IDPs.

  • During week 11 of 2015, ARI was the top cause of morbidity among IDPs and registered a proportionate morbidity of 19% and incidence of 66 cases per 10,000 population.

23 Mar 2015 description

Key Issues:

  • The 2015 appeal calls for $386 million; with $41 million carry-over from 2014, the target is $344 million.
    Funding prospects are bleak.

  • Commodity shortfalls are reported for the first round relief food ration for 2015.

  • Following the relocation of more than 48,000 South Sudanese refugees from Leitchuor camp,
    Jewi, the new camp in Gambella region, will nearly reach full capacity. Additional camp sites are needed to accommodate new arrivals

23 Mar 2015 description


  • As at 19 March 2015, Kakuma had received 45,431 asylum seekers from South Sudan. As at 15 March, 181,119 refugees had been registered by UNHCR and DRA, with South Sudanese making up 49.9% of the registered population.