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28 Jul 2016 description


  • Over 120 cases of Acute Jaundice Syndrome in Sortony, North Darfur.

  • Funding challenges for mobile health clinics supporting IDPs in Blue Nile State.

  • South Sudanese refugees in East Darfur to be relocated.

  • Almost 43,000 people affected by rains and flooding in parts of Sudan.


Displaced people in Sudan (as of Dec 2015) - Up to 3.2 million

Displaced people in Darfur (as of Dec 2015) - Up to 2.6 million

28 Jul 2016 description

South Sudan: Government forces continue to commit war crimes despite peace agreement

Amid a fresh outbreak of fighting in South Sudan, a new report by Amnesty International reveals the true horror suffered by civilians at the hands of government forces after the August 2015 peace agreement was signed.

27 Jul 2016 description

The possible resumption of civil war in South Sudan poses an imminent threat to populations who may be targeted on the basis of ethnicity and presumed political loyalties.

BACKGROUND: Violence between elements of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the SPLA in Opposition (SPLA-IO) reignited in Juba on 7 July, two days before South Sudan observed the fifth anniversary of its independence. Heavy fighting, including tanks and helicopter gunships, was reported in Juba, particularly in the Jebel area near a UN base protecting thousands of civilians.

27 Jul 2016 description
report UN Population Fund

JUBA, South Sudan – On July 7 ferocious violence erupted in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, two days before the fifth anniversary of the country’s independence. Hundreds of people were killed or wounded, tens of thousands were displaced, and women became targets of sexual violence. Yet amid the bloodshed heroes emerged, like midwife Aber Evaline, who stood her ground to do what she does best: protect the lives of women and newborns, even under gunfire.

27 Jul 2016 description

People affected

35 000 people displaced by a fresh wave of violence in July
1.6 million displaced prior to the escalation of the conflict
4.7 million people in need of health services

Impact on the health sector

28% facilities damaged, 10% closed
30% health workers have fled, 2% have been injured
162 cases of cholera
915 cases of measles
26 770 cases of malaria

27 Jul 2016 description


 The number of South Sudanese refugees fleeing to Uganda increased yesterday, with 3,870 people crossing the border. There has been a steady increase in the rate of new arrivals over the last ten days, with occasional spikes as people have accompanied Uganda military convoys evacuating Ugandans from South Sudan.

27 Jul 2016 description

Health: Movement to Ngisa clinic is still restricted due to insecurity.
This week, a new clinic was established in Nazareth to serve IDPs and the host community. Routine vaccination of children and women of reproductive age or pregnant continued at the Cathedral and SSRC sites. Vaccination services will start at Nazareth next week.

26 Jul 2016 description


Number of new arrivals on Monday 25th July (as per field reports)

Number of new arrivals since 7th July 2016 (as per field reports)

Number of new arrivals registered since 1st January in Uganda (RIMS) (as of end of June)

Total number of South Sudanese refugees registered in Uganda (RIMS) (as of end of June)

26 Jul 2016 description


  • WFP provided critical assistance as the Government of Uganda opened up a new village complex, to resettle South Sudanese refugees within the Adjumani settlement in northern Uganda.

  • WFP has so far assisted 3,000 refugees and Ugandans in the host communities with training and storage tools for reduced post-harvest food loss.

  • WFP is providing a protection ration to families with children, pregnant women and new mothers affected by moderate acute malnutrition in the Karamoja region.

26 Jul 2016 description

In coordination with the Inter-Cluster Working Group, the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster continues to advocate for non-creation of new camp-like settings in Juba. Humanitarian interventions should be aimed at providing temporary emergency assistance that will not serve as a pull factor for IDPs to remain in the sites. OCHA reports that 14,084 people remain displaced by the insecurity in Juba. Of these, 10,838 people are sheltering in the UN Tong Ping and UN House bases. An estimated 3,246 IDPs are staying in Don Bosco collective center in Gumbo.

26 Jul 2016 description


  • In 2016, WFP Sudan plans to assist 4.6 million affected people, of which 3.9 million reside in Darfur. Thus far, WFP has reached 2.4 million people or 52 percent of the people in need.

  • In June, WFP assisted 1.9 million people with general food assistance and 250,000 children under five and pregnant and nursing women with nutrition assistance.

26 Jul 2016 description

Weekly picks


On 23 July in Kabul, two explosions during a peaceful protest of Shiite Hazaras killed 80 and injured another 231 civilians --the deadliest attack in the capital since 2001. IS claimed responsibility for the attack, which risks to increase tensions between the Shias and the Sunnis.


26 Jul 2016 description

Statement to the Third Preparatory Committee of Habitat 3, given by Hugo Slim, Head of Policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

In an urbanizing world, armed conflict and violence are urbanizing too.

Cities like Aleppo and Fallujah are being destroyed. Their civilian populations are facing displacement, siege and impoverishment. In South Sudan, people in Juba, Wau, Bentiu and Leer are living in similarly desperate conditions.

26 Jul 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed the cholera outbreak.
    As of 25 July, a total of 294 suspected cholera cases including 17 deaths have been reported nationwide, with the majority reported in Juba County.

  • Latrines in the UN House Protection of Civilian (POC) sites are filling up fast as a result of the regular rains; keeping up with desludging of the latrines is a key to maintain adequate sanitation.
    UNICEF is addressing it with intensified desludging work.

26 Jul 2016 description


At around 5pm on 08 July, fighting erupted in Juba between members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the SPLA-In Opposition (IO). Over a period of four days, hundreds of people were killed, tens of thousands of people were displaced, and millions of dollars’ worth of humanitarian assistance was looted or destroyed. This Situation Update provides an overview of the first two weeks of the crisis and the protection impact on the civilian population.

Context and Chronology

26 Jul 2016 description


3,701 Number of new arrivals on Sunday 24th July (as per field reports)

2,105 Number of new arrivals on Saturday 23rd July (as per field reports)

3,156 Number of new arrivals on Friday 22nd July (as per field reports)

35,448 Number of new arrivals since 7th July 2016 (as per field reports)

33,838* Number of new arrivals registered since 1st January in Uganda (RIMS) (as of end of June)

229,176* Total number of South Sudanese refugees registered in Uganda (RIMS) (as of end of June)

26 Jul 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


· In 2016, UNICEF has reached more than 1.1 million people with access to clean water through the rehabilitation and drilling of water schemes, provision of water purification materials and through water trucking in the drought affected regions of Afar, Amhara, Oromia, SNNP, Somali and Tigray.

25 Jul 2016 description

South Sudan human rights activist Angelina Daniel has challenged the government to deliver on its commitment to prevent sexual violence and other abuses against women, especially in times of conflict. She was reacting to a spate of cases of sexual violence during the recent fighting in Juba.

The call by Angelina came a day after fresh reports emerged that a group of women and young girls were sexually violated as they came out of the Protection of Civilians (PoC) site at UN House to look for food to feed their families.

25 Jul 2016 description
report IRIN

Samuel Okiror

Uganda has received 30,000 refugees in just three weeks and reception facilities are overflowing. Recent fighting in South Sudan has caused a new wave of arrivals, putting pressure on its southern neighbour, which was already hosting half a million refugees.

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