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24 Feb 2017 description

On 23 February 2017 the Peace and Security Council (PSC) will discuss ‘protecting children from fighting adult wars’. This will be an opportunity for the PSC to look at its own tools to intervene in conflicts such as in South Sudan, where child soldiers are prevalent. Thanks to the efforts of the United Nations (UN), almost 2 000 child soldiers have been released in South Sudan in the past few years, but a lot more can still be done.

23 Feb 2017 description

LOS ANGELES/LONDON – In the wake of three years of ongoing conflict and political turmoil in South Sudan, more than 100,000 people now face starvation and death in Leer and Mayendit counties, and more than one million additional people in Greater Unity region are on the brink of famine, according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification update recently released by the Republic of South Sudan, the United Nations, and humanitarian agencies.

23 Feb 2017 description

South Sudan

Despite the August 2015 peace agreement, ongoing violence in South Sudan poses an imminent threat to populations who may be targeted on the basis of ethnicity and presumed political loyalties.


23 Feb 2017 description
  • Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan del Sur y Yemen presentan una situación de inseguridad alimentaria alarmante.

  • Acción contra el Hambre, presente en todos ellos desde hace varios años, lanza un llamamiento a los donantes para poder seguir atendiendo las necesidades más urgentes de estas poblaciones.

Madrid, 23 de febrero de 2017

23 Feb 2017 description

27 humanitarian agencies working in South Sudan have warned that unless substantial funds are immediately provided to those working on the ground, organisations will struggle to stop famine spreading across the country in the next few months. The statement follows Monday’s declaration of famine in parts of the country.

23 Feb 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

22 février 2017 – Au moins 65.000 enfants ont été libérés par des forces armées et des groupes armés au cours des dix dernières années, s'est félicité le Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance (UNICEF), alors que les 'Engagements de Paris' pour mettre fin à l'utilisation des enfants dans les conflits célèbrent leur 10e anniversaire.

23 Feb 2017 description

[with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, UNDP Administrator, Ms. Helen Clark; Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mr. Stephen O’Brien; Ms. Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (by video conference); Ms. Carla Mucavi, Director of FAO Liaison Office in New York, and Mr. Justin Forsyth, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF]

22 Feb 2017 description

More than 20 million people in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen are facing famine or a credible risk of famine over the coming six months.

With access to people in need and sufficient funding, the United Nations and its partners can avert famine and provide the necessary relief and support where famine already exists.

To avert a humanitarian catastrophe in the four countries over the coming months, the United Nations and its partners will continue to scale up humanitarian operations.

22 Feb 2017 description

Famine declared for first time anywhere since 2011 Horn of Africa crisis

22 Feb 2017 description
report Caritas

Pope Francis has urgently appealed for food aid to help millions of South Sudanese “condemned to death by hunger”. His plea followed the United Nation’s declaration of famine in the stricken country, with 275,000 children severely malnourished and more than 5 million people urgently in need of food and agricultural assistance.

The pope has called on all involved to send food aid to South Sudan: “where a fratricidal conflict compounded by a severe food crisis condemns to death by starvation millions of people, including many children.”

22 Feb 2017 description

UNMISS Spokesperson Daniel Dickinson - We are welcoming Radio Miraya listeners live to this press conference and you can also follow us live on twitter. The SRSG will make a few introductory remarks and then we will take some questions. And when you ask the question, can you please identify yourself and the media that you work for. Thanks very much. SRSG over to you.

22 Feb 2017 description

Based on the IPC South Sudan Technical Working Group results*:


  • As of January 2017, 3.8 million were estimated in Crisis (IPC Phase 3), Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5).

  • As of February-April 2017, the number of people estimated in need of humanitarian assistance (IPC phase 3 and above) has increased to almost 5 million, out of which 100,000 are facing famine conditions.


22 Feb 2017 description


  • The rate of new arrivals in to Uganda remains very high, with a total of 9,568 South Sudanese refugees received in Uganda between the 15th and 21st of February, although this is a decrease from the 13,092 new arrivals reported in the previous week. This brings the total new arrivals in February to 56,087.
    The average daily rate of new arrivals this week was 1,367.