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Armed Groups Occupy Schools in Central African Republic
Description: (Nairobi, March 23, 2017) – Armed groups in the Central African Republic have occupied, looted, and damaged school buildings, preventing children from getting an education, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
  22 Mar 2017   2m44s 15 368 0
Seeds of hope: The story of Luz and Jairo, beekeepers in Colombia
Description: Luz and Jairo tell us their story of how they escaped from a conflict zone to find a new future in beekeeping and farming through the help of Malteser International in Colombia.
  22 Mar 2017   4m13s 2 10 0
Clean water for the Wayuu people of Colombia
Description: La Guajira, Colombia, is home to the indigenous Wayuu people. A humanitarian crisis has resulted from seven years of drought; in 2016, 86 children lost their lives. Today nearly 900 families are severely affected by drought. The Wayuu people are battling to survive: they face food and water shortages, as well as malnutrition. The EU and its humanitarian partners Oxfam and UNICEF are providing access to water and hygiene (WASH) to the Wayuu people. Water provided with EU support is used to clean, cook and to irrigate land for the cultivation of vegetables. Meanwhile, hygiene practice education helps to prevent illnesses such as diarrhoea which increases the risk of malnutrition. Learn more about WASH, and the EU in Colombia. Video by EU/ECHO
  22 Mar 2017   3m10s 4 43 0
Update from Somalia - East Africa Crisis | Islamic Relief UK
Description: Our Deputy Director, Tufail Hussain, is currently in Somalia assessing the critical situation in the country where currently over 6.2 million people urgently need humanitarian aid. Our teams are on the ground responding to the East Africa Crisis in Somalia, as well as in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan where drought and famine has left over 800,000 children severely malnourished. If we don't act now, the situation will get worse. Don't delay. Donate
  22 Mar 2017   43s 9 130 0
Fatouma's Story - East Africa Crisis | Islamic Relief UK
Description: During his visit to Somalia, Tufail Hussain (Deputy Director, Islamic Relief UK) met Fatouma who heartbreakingly told him her story. She lost her 3 young children due to the severe drought in Somalia. Children are dying from malnutrition across East Africa. If we don't act now, it will get much worse. Don't delay, donate:
  22 Mar 2017   1m40s 7 63 0
This water well helped an entire community in Sierra Leone avoid the Ebola virus
Description: Access to water in Charlotte, Sierra Leone helped the community to avoid Ebola.
  22 Mar 2017   1m12s 1 27 0
South Sudan famine
Description: Caritas is responding to the needs of thousands of people affected by the famine that has been delcared in South Sudan. Food, water, safe shelter and healthcare are all being provided by members of the global Caritas networ, including Trocaire (Caritas Ireland), Caritas South Sudan and Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand.
  21 Mar 2017   1m 1 6 0
Greece: When music brings hope
Description: Meet Mariam, Houssam and Muhannad. Accomplished musicians in their own country Syria. They met in a camp in Greece and forged a friendship. The trio now gives music lessons to almost fifty students in the camp. The music lessons are an escape from the tedium of camp life. Red more about Mariam, Houssam and Muhannad at
  21 Mar 2017   27s 5 77 0
Colombie : les habitants de Catatumbo ont la guerre marquée dans la peau
Description: « Chaque fois que j’entends une fusillade, je repense à ce qui m’est arrivé. » Malgré l’accord de paix, les habitants de la région de Catatumbo sont aux premières loges pour entendre le bruit de la guerre. Un jour en rentrant de l’école, Astrid a été prise dans des tirs croisés et a été blessée à la jambe.AV613B
  21 Mar 2017   1m1s 4 25 0
In South Sudan, a remote clinic works to save limbs and lives
Description: Maiwut hospital is one of the few providing surgical treatment to patients in the opposition controlled areas. As fighting intensified over the last several months across the country it has been receiving dozens of war wounded patients. AV611A
  21 Mar 2017   1m4s 8 57 0