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Clean water for Iraqis
Description: Hundreds of thousands of desperate people are fleeing ongoing clashes between Islamic State and the Iraqi army in West Mosul. To help the many displaced, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, with support from EU Humanitarian Aid, is offering a host of services. In this video, the French Red Cross show how they are providing displaced civilians with clean drinking water and essential items such as jerry cans, plastic sheeting and hygiene kits. All told, an estimated 90 000 people have received humanitarian assistance. Video by Finnish Red Cross
  21 Jun 2017   1m45s 2 37 0
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Muslim Aid - Gaza Water Appeal
  20 Jun 2017   2m57s 3 90 0
UN Special RapporteurHuman Rights to water and sanitation , Léo Heller -  SDGs
Description: United Nations Special Rapporteur, Léo Heller, comments on the relevance of the human rights to water and sanitation, in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Beyond its fundamental relevance to SDG 6, a human rights perspective on improving access to water and sanitation will contribute to achieving many other SDGs. (Audio Portuguese, subtitles English)
  20 Jun 2017   5m28s 1 28 0
United Nations Special Rapporteur, Léo Heller - Human right to water
Description: United Nations Special Rapporteur, Léo Heller, speaks about human right to water, its path to recognition as a human right, its distinction from the human right to sanitation, and its relationship wit the current state of access to safe drinking water worldwide. (audio English, subtitles English)
  20 Jun 2017   5m48s 2 30 0
UN Special Rapporteur - Léo Heller - Scope of the mandate
Description: United Nations Special Rapporteur, Léo Heller, explains the scope of the mandate on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation. (Audio in Portugese - Subtitles in Spanish)
  20 Jun 2017   5m50s 0 29 0
UN Special Rapporteur, Léo Heller - Human right to sanitation
Description: United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation, Léo Heller, speaks about the human right to water, its part to recognition as a human right, its distinction from the human right to water, and its relationship with the current state of access to adequate sanitation services worldwide. (Audio Spanish - Subtitles English)
  20 Jun 2017   6m33s 0 21 0
VR 360° Film: Evelyn's Story | Oxfam
Description: "Evelyn's Story" is an inspirational Virtual Reality (VR) film, which will transport you to the middle of a remote village in Kenya. Here you'll meet Evelyn, an 11-year-old girl from Turkana county. Evelyn and her community were facing an extreme water crisis, only getting access to clean water for about two hours every eight days, if at all. Often they'd have no choice but to use whatever water they could find, causing serious waterborne diseases like diarrhoea and cholera. Follow Evelyn in her search for water and experience the incredible impact we can make together to the lives of people living in poverty. Donate here: For optimum viewing, watch on your Samsung smartphone with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Alternatively you can watch with a Google Cardboard headset. Evelyn's Story was made by Oxfam, with support from Filmgraphics, a multi award-winning film production company, and Alt.vfx, a world-leading visual effects and post production company. Original music and sound design was produced by We Love Jam Studios.
  20 Jun 2017   8m54s 9 635 0
Safe water restored in Taizz as Yemen battles cholera outbreak
Description: Taizz City, 15 June 2017-For nearly half a million people inside Taizz enclave, water supply is the most stressful and time consuming task that parents and children endure every day. Taizz city is witnessing a relentless ground fighting and airstrikes for over two years now. The conflict has worsened the already severe water shortage in the densely populated south western city of Yemen. Yemen is currently grappling with a cholera outbreak has infected more than 135,000 and killed over 974 as of June 13. More than half of the cases and a quarter of the deaths are children. Safe drinking water and improving hygiene are essential in the fight against cholera. In a country where more than 14 million people have been left without access to safe water due to conflict, such restoration of essential infrastructure is key to containing the spread of cholera, both in the immediate and in the long run.
  18 Jun 2017   1m23s 6 54 0
Max Foundation-IRC Event: Phase out strategies in the WASH sector
Description: On 31 May 2017, the Max Foundation and IRC Event co-organised an event on “Phase out strategies in the WASH sector” in The Hague, The Netherlands. The video includes short interviews with the three speakers: Pim van der Male, Senior Policy Officer Water Management at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Dr Patrick Moriarty, Chief Executive Officer of IRC and Kate Pearson, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at the Max Foundation; panellist Saskia Reus, Founder and CEO of Africa Funded; and participants Teun Bastemeijer, Chief Advisor Strategy and Programmes for the Water Integrity Network (WIN) and Antoinette Kome, Global Sector Coordinator WASH at SNV. For more information see:
  07 Jun 2017   5m13s 2 114 0
RedTalks | Women in Humanitarian Response: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Description: Our most recent panel discussion, Women in Humanitarian Response, examined the ways in which humanitarian organisations respond to the impact of humanitarian programming and response on women. Here, Sarah House discusses WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene).
  17 May 2017   14m15s 1 26 0
WASH Counts in Healthcare Facilities webinar
Description: On 3 May 2017, Medentech & the Global Handwashing Partnership hosted a webinar in celebration of Hand Hygiene Day, which takes place annually on May 5th. During this webinar, the World Health Organization, USAID's Maternal & Child Survival Program, the Beninese Association for Social Marketing, and Medentech explored how improved WASH prevents the spread of healthcare-associated infections how to catalyze behavior change around proper hygiene, and how to improve safer conditions and services for patients and their families in healthcare facilities. Presenters also shined a spotlight on how they are innovating to improve WASH services and combat infection spread in health settings.
  04 May 2017   1h32m38s 1 61 0
Matt Damon habla sobre agua y saneamiento y el impacto en la vida de las niñas
Description: (Para ver el video en español haga clic en el botón de cc.) Matt Damon, cofundador de, comparte ideas y algunas anécdotas inspiradoras con el presidente del Grupo Banco Mundial, Jim Yong Kim. Entérese cómo el agua puede ser accesible a los más pobres del mundo, y vea cómo incluso una mega-estrella puede ser humillado por una pícara adolescente haitiana.
  01 May 2017   5m45s 12 461 0