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Ukraine: Residents of front line villages receive free bus rides
Description: As the conflict continues in eastern Ukraine, many people living close to the front line struggle to afford the cost of traveling from one village to another. Instead, they walk up to 10 kilometres at a time, often crossing minefields. In an effort to provide safe transportation, we've organised a free bus service.
  15 Mar 2017   54s 4 102 0

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Mobile teams deliver health for Somalis “far, far away”
Description: The Somali Red Crescent Society, with support from the International Committee of the Red Cross, operates 11 mobile clinics in southern and central Somalia. Six began operations this year as part of the scaled-up drought response. The mobile clinics also double as barometers of alarming malnutrition levels and disease outbreaks like cholera, likely occurrences during the prevailing parched conditions.
  28 Jul 2017   1m26s 2 15 0
Life after losing a limb
Description: During the Lebanese armed conflict, Ali lost a leg and an arm, while Qassem lost both legs. However, their will to live was stronger than their traumatic experience.
  26 Jul 2017   1m55s 2 27 0
Atelier de formation en médecine légale en Ukraine
Description: Le tout dernier d’une série d’ateliers de formation de trois jours organisés par la délégation du CICR en Ukraine sur la recherche et la récupération de dépouilles mortelles, s’est tenu récemment à Kiev.
  26 Jul 2017   3m6s 4 44 0
Beyond Visible Scars
Description: In the film, “Beyond visible scars,” Gombo in Nigeria, Hamda in Lebanon and Fatma in Gaza share their traumatic experiences of living in conflict zones and countries affected by violence. They describe the psychological and psychosocial effects war had on them, which go beyond the scars visible to the naked eye.
  24 Jul 2017   10m16s 14 296 0
Data Protection and Biometrics
  24 Jul 2017   1m33s 5 86 0
Restoring family links for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda
Description: The conflict in South Sudan has led to a mass displacement, separating people from their families and loved ones. Thousands of people have sought sanctuary in refugee settlements in northern Uganda. The ICRC has been working with the Uganda Red Cross Society to restore family links and reunite people with their loved ones.
  24 Jul 2017   3m56s 9 245 0
"Суперсолдаты": к чему ведет "улучшение" людей
Description: Ученые активно стремятся сочетать в современных технологиях биологические, информационные, нано- и нейроэлементы, чтобы "улучшать" людей так, как нам хочется. Эти исследования особенно интересны вооруженным силам по всему миру. Помогут ли такие технологии создать "суперсолдата"? Об огромных возможностях и серьезных опасениях рассказывает Aдам Хеншке, специалист по этике.
  24 Jul 2017   3m 4 58 0
В Кыргызстане прошли масштабные учения - подготовка к чрезвычайным ситуациям
Description: Красный Полумесяц Кыргызстана при поддержке Международного Комитета Красного Креста провел масштабные учения по подготовке к чрезвыйчаным ситуациям. Оказать первую медицинскую помощь, зарегистрировать пострадавших, восстановить связь с родственниками, поддержать психологически и не только - все эти задачи будут стоять перед национальным обществом в периоды стихийных бедствий или народных волнений. Готов ли Красный Полумесяц прийти на помощь? Смотрите в нашем видео.
  20 Jul 2017   1m7s 9 120 0
Hand Clip-Ons Provide Better Grip and Enable Dexterity
Description: An innovative set of clip-ons was developed during the first edition of Enable Makeathon for persons with very limited hand movements who find difficulty in pointing, holding, gripping objects. The valuable feedback of users as well as clinicians has been incorporated in Nekram Upadhyay's 'My Ability Kit' which supports persons with disabilities perform activities of daily living like eating, drinking, brushing teeth, combing, writing, typing or using touch pads. Follow us on twitter @ICRC_nd and @enablemakeathon.
  21 Jul 2017   3m53s 7 91 0
Peruana Ángela Ponce Romero - premio Visa de Oro humanitaria del CICR
Description: El jurado de la séptima edición del "Visa de Oro humanitaria del CICR" distinguió por unanimidad en París el trabajo de una joven fotoperiodista, Ángela Ponce Romero. Bajo el título "Ayacucho", tomado del nombre de una de las principales ciudades de Perú, el reportaje trata sobre personas desaparecidas y sus familiares en el marco de la violencia armada que enfrentó a las fuerzas gubernamentales y el grupo armado Sendero Luminoso en las décadas de los años 80 y 90.
  19 Jul 2017   3m26s 3 66 0
Australia: Engaging with militaries to limit suffering
Description: In this interview, the ICRC's Armed Forces Delegate for South-East Asia and the Pacific details why participation in military exercises plays a key role in the ICRC's efforts to protect and assist people affected by conflict around the world.
  20 Jul 2017   2m3s 5 159 0
Marawi clashes: Two months on
Description: The intense clashes in Marawi City, southern Philippines, has gone on for nearly two months. Casamudin Ramuros and his family fled the fighting on foot, out of fear their car would be hit by bombs. The Ramuros family is now one of thousands displaced in evacuation centers. Casamudin is still uncertain when they can return to Marawi, but he hopes he and his family can go home soon.
  17 Jul 2017   4m45s 3 93 0